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Where Is The Ford Edge Made?

Where Is The Ford Edge Made?

The Ford Edge is a crossover SUV that has been produced by the American car company, Ford. But with so many manufacturing plants in different countries, it may seem difficult to find out where your desired model was manufactured.

Ford is an American company, but where does it actually manufacture the Edge?

The Edge is produced by the American car company Ford at various plants and assembly facilities around the world. The Ford Edge has been manufactured in Belgium, Canada, China, Mexico, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

It may be surprising to some folks to learn that Ford, a company as American as apple pie, manufactures the Edge internationally.

There are a lot of reasons for this, many of which help Ford create this reliable and roomy SUV for such an affordable price.

I have put together a list of all of the places The Ford Edge has ever been made along with the reasons why they are still being made there or why they were discontinued there.

The Ford Edge – Tracing The Roots

The Ford Edge is one of the many vehicles that are made by the American car company, Ford.  It comes in two different versions: Canadian and US.  

Both versions are built at separate locations across North America, Canada, and the USA respectively. 

This vehicle is manufactured exclusively for North American markets to provide local sales.  

Even though both versions are built at separate locations, they come from the same company with no changes in models or style. 

The only difference is that the production of these vehicles varies based on where you order them from.

The following are some of the main Ford Edge assembly plants;

Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky, United States

The Louisville Assembly Plant is located in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. 

This plant became operational in 1974 and originally aided in the production of Chevrolet trucks. 

The first vehicle that rolled off the line at this facility was a 1975 Corvette Stingray.

At around the same time, Ford began manufacturing both its full-size Bronco SUV models and the midsize Ranger pickup truck. 

This factory currently aids in the production of The Ford Edge and has been since 2006.

The Louisville Assembly Plant was also responsible for manufacturing several other models that were part of the US market lineup, such as:

Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator (both full-size SUVs), and Mercury Mountaineer (a midsize SUV).

In 2011, the production of all three models shifted to another plant in Michigan. 

When Louisville Assembly Plant began producing The Ford Edge it created somewhere around 30 new jobs and currently has a workforce of roughly 950 people.

This factory is the only one that produces this crossover vehicle for North America. 

Currently, the factory is ramping up production to meet the high demand for this vehicle across all of North America and will continue doing so until at least 2020.

Oakville Assembly Plant in Ontario Canada

The Edge came to the scene in 2006, so its first generation ran from 2006 to 2012. Only the United States received this car, making it an American-only car. 

It was manufactured exclusively in Oakville, Ontario.

The second generation of the Ford Edge was on the road since 2012 and ran until 2015. 

It is still exclusive to the United States, but you can buy it in different regions now. 

From 2012 until 2014, the second generation of Edge was manufactured exclusively in Oakville, Ontario. 

The third generation of the Ford Edge ran from 2015 to 2018. Since 2015, production has been both in Oakville, Ontario, and in Chicago, Illinois.

The fourth generation of Edge started production in 2018. It was meant to run until 2020 when the fifth generation Edge would take over. The vehicle is manufactured only in Oakville, Ontario at the moment.

At the Oakville Assembly plant, Ford builds the Edge alongside the Ford Flex. The production numbers were pretty low at the beginning. 

But, as of now, they are assembling about 2500 vehicles per week (combined output) and the 2018 Ford Edge is available in more than 60 countries.

The Canadian plant also supplies Mexico and a small number of exports to China. There, it manufactures alongside another SUV – the Ford Kuga (Ford Escape for the USA).

On the other hand, Ford announced the closure of its Australian factory (Geelong) in late 2016. The combined output of the two plants was about 100,000 units per year. 

This meant that Ford had to reduce production by half or find new sources for the Australian market where SUVs are extremely popular.

Chicago Assembly, Illinois

The Chicago Assembly location in Chicago, Illinois is where all Edge models for the USA are available for sale.

This location also produces the Ford Fusion, Taurus X (Ford Flex), Mustang, Econoline, and the GT models just like Oakville does. 

The only difference being that these cars are for US sales.

The Oakville and Chicago plants both produce the Edge for North American sales.

Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico

In Mexico, the Ford Edge has been made since 2005 at a factory located in Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of México. 

And then again from 2016 until now (currently) at the Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly Plant in Sonora, Mexico.

5. Other Assembly Plants

In China, production ran from 2014 until 2017 at Changan Ford’s Hangzhou Factory. 

It has also been produced at both of General Motors’ German facilities: Saarlouis and Eisenach. 

The first place that ever made the Edge was Genk, Belgium from 2000 to 2002.

In total, there have been just over a dozen locations where The Ford Edge has been produced since its launch in 2001. 

This number may seem high but it is due to the fact that this vehicle has had several different generations and models throughout the years – each one from a different manufacturing plant.

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