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Can Skis Fit in a Ford Edge? The Winter Warriors Guide!

Can Skis Fit in a Ford Edge? The Winter Warriors Guide!

Do you enjoy heading up to the mountains on the weekends in winter to hit the ski slopes?

Are you looking at buying a new SUV? Maybe you are just a little concerned about fitting your skis and equipment into a new car? Then read on! We’ve got the information you are looking for right here!

When you are looking to purchase a car, it is important to think about the places and things that you will want to go and do in your vehicle. If you are a skier and need to know if the 2020 Ford Edge can handle your skis, you are not alone!

So can your skis fit in a 2020 Ford Edge? To answer shortly, yes, your skis can fit in a 2020 Ford Edge. 

Most skis should fit with room to spare, but there can be some logistical issues, like the placement of the skis in the cabin with respect to the safety of you and your passengers and the ability to safely drive.

The 2020 Ford Edge has a length of 189 inches, which is approximately 15 feet and 8 inches. The largest length of skis (for tall, advanced skiers,) begins at 6 feet and can be even longer, but these skis will not exceed 15 feet long. 

The longer your skis are, the trickier they will be to make sure they are secured in your 2020 Ford Edge or in any vehicle. You should try to keep this in your mind when planning your space, and your ski trips.

If your skis are short beginner skis or simply smaller in general, you should be able to fit your skis into the 2020 Ford Edge without any blood, sweat, or tears!

You may need to put down the second row of seating if you are traveling with a lot of equipment or luggage, but your skis should fit into your Ford Edge without much hassle. 

Shorter and smaller skis do not give much of a need to be concerned for your safety while driving since they will remain in the trunk of your vehicle or at a minimum, behind the driver and passenger seats. 

When your skis (or any type of cargo) are in the trunk or in the second-row seating zone, there is much less concern for them to slide to the front of the vehicle and cause a distraction while driving.

However, the longer skis for more advanced skiers may prove to be just a touch more difficult to maneuver due to their size and the position of seats in the 2020 Ford Edge.

If your skis are longer than 6 feet, they should be able to be placed through the space between the driver and passenger seats if the second-row seating is put down. So your skis would essentially be right next to your right elbow as you drive.

This may become a distraction or an annoyance while heading up to the mountains, and could possibly affect the quality of your driving, so please make sure you are comfortable with the location of your skis before you pull out of your driveway.

If driving with your skis close to the windshield or near the console is a concern for you, (involving the skis getting in the way or breaking your windshield if you stop short,) then a rooftop ski rack may be the better, and a less anxiety-producing option for you.

Now that we have covered some of the basics, let’s get a closer look at the vehicle itself and explore some methods of fitting your gear and skis into your 2020 Ford Edge!

Additional Ways to Make Spaces for Your Skis

If your 2020 Ford Edge will be crowded with other equipment or luggage, then you may want to consider purchasing a roof or ski rack from a local auto shop or negotiating with your car dealership to see if they sell roof or ski racks.

You might be able to get them to install one for you upon purchase of your 2020 Ford Edge and the rack. 

Before you get a roof or ski rack, make sure you do some research about what type of roof or ski rack you need. Try giving your local Ford dealership or auto shop a call to see if they can assist you in finding the perfect roof or ski rack for your 2020 Ford Edge.

The roof or ski rack can then have an additional sealed rooftop storage unit secured onto it that can fit extra baggage or equipment that would otherwise be in the trunk or passenger section of your vehicle, saving you space for your skis or family and friends.

Orf course, you can do the reverse of that and put your skis on the roof or ski rack or the sealed rooftop storage unit. That is also an option. 

If you do not want to have a sealed rooftop storage unit, you can use strong nylon rope, straps, or ties specifically made to attach items to vehicles to secure your skis to the ski rack.

If you chose this method, please ensure your skis are very secure, as you do not want to lose a ski on the highway or have it fall onto another vehicle.

Other Creative Options

The 2020 Ford Edge (and all Ford Edge models) are fairly spacious and versatile SUVs and can handle lots of types of cargo, so do not be afraid to get creative with where you take your new vehicle, and the new world of possibilities that await you!

Camping gear can be easier loaded into the trunk, plus the intelligent all-wheel drive can help tackle tougher environments.

The 2020 Ford Edge has the capability to tow up to 3,500 pounds, so when summertime rolls around and the skis go back up in the attic, pull out your canoes, kayaks, or motorboat, hitch a trailer to your Ford Edge and go hit the big blue ocean or your nearest lake!

Or if you live in a busy city, the Ford Co-Piloit360 technology will surely help you during heavy traffic days, since it notifies you if another vehicle is in your blind spot, or if you begin to drift out of your lane.

Looking Closer At The Ford Edge

The 2020 Ford Edge is a capable sport utility vehicle (SUV) that combines sleek design with space and versatility to make your driving experience easier and safer. 

The Ford Edge is an IIHS Top Safety Pick, so you can drive with confidence that your vehicle, your passengers, and yourself are safer in the 2020 Ford Edge than an SUV without this prestigious award.

The length measurement from bumper to bumper for this vehicle is one hundred and eighty-nine inches long. (about 15 feet and 8 inches) It is seventy-six inches wide, and sixty-eight inches tall. 

The 2020 Ford Edge can hold four passengers, plus the driver. 

There are several different versions, makes and models of the 2020 Ford Edge, but the main criteria and measurements all remain about the same with no major deviations.

Most 2020 Ford Edge vehicles, like most SUVs in today’s market, can most likely have a roof or ski rack added on to the roof, which is an option for those who have longer skis that may not fit from tip to tip in the vehicle. 

But, getting a ski or roof rack is an additional purchase and installation process that may not be able to happen at your Ford Dealership at the time of purchase.

To prepare your 2020 Ford Edge for your skis and gear, lower the second-row passenger seating to provide more room for the skis and any other equipment you may need. 

The 2020 Ford Edge does not have third-row passenger seating, so you do not have to worry about the hassle of climbing around in the trunk of your car trying to get those tricky seats down!

When placing your skis into the vehicle, put them in through the trunk. Open the trunk of the car after lowering the second-row passenger seating and insert the skis from the trunk into the main section of the vehicle and adjust them to make sure they fit properly and will not affect your driving performance in an adverse way.

If you are loading several sets of skis or have additional luggage or equipment to load, there is always the option to lower the front passenger seat if you really need the room, however, this will only work if there are only a driver and no passengers.

All these methods work with most skis that have a length that is less than the length of the vehicle, or if the vehicle is only carrying skis. 

To conclude, the 2020 Ford Edge is capable of holding your skis and so much more! Whether you prefer to have your skis inside the main cabin or strapped to the roof, you and your equipment can make the trek up the mountains and have a great time.

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