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Best Tesla Accessories for Models X, Y, S, & 3!

Best Tesla Accessories for Models X, Y, S, & 3!

With Teslas becoming more popular and affordable, growing numbers of people are looking for accessories to go with their new purchases. With an already amazing car, it only makes sense that you’d want to pair it up with the best Tesla accessories available on the market!

However, there are many others that you might want to consider because they make certain features work better, make the car easier to drive, or even just keep it looking nice for longer.

Whether you have a Model X, Y, S, or 3, there are some great accessories out there that will help you enjoy your Tesla even more!

Table of Contents:
– Best Accessories for Tesla Model X
– Best Accessories for Tesla Model Y
– Best Accessories for Tesla Model S
– Best Accessories for Tesla Model 3

Best Accessories for Tesla Model X

As far as electric SUVs go, you can’t beat Tesla’s Model X!

However, you can definitely improve it and your experience driving it with the best Tesla accessories for the Model X 😉

Tesla Generation 3 Wall Connector

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Tesla’s third-generation wall charger can give you a full charge overnight at home, reducing the worry of running down your battery in the middle of your morning commute. You get up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge, a tempered glass faceplate, and as many as 11 kW and 48 amp output, all in a small wall package.

In addition to being compatible with the Model X, it’s compatible with Models Y, S, and 3, so if you have one of these other models, you don’t have to spend money on connectors for each. They aren’t cheap, so not needing to buy more than one just because you have different Tesla models is essential.


  • Customizable power levels that work on a range of circuit breakers
  • Available with an app that informs you how much charge you have and when charging is complete
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • Power-sharing only works with other Generation 3 connectors
  • Need to monitor your power bill closely

No products found.

Topfit Wireless Charging Center Console Organizer

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Let’s face it: Life’s too short and messy to have to work hard to keep your car organized!

Fortunately, you can buy a console organizer with a wireless phone charger built into it. Imagine having the ability to set your phone down on something and charge it without the additional clutter of charging cables. 

And while new cars come with built-in organizers that older cars didn’t, if you’re like so many other people these days, they often just aren’t enough. 

Besides wireless charging, which eliminates some of the clutter of charging cables, you also have a place for your key fob, sunglasses, and even extra pens and spare change.

It’s easy to install and fits Tesla’s Model S in addition to the Model X!


  • Double-coil design increases charging area
  • Installation takes only a couple of minutes
  • Anti-slip pad on the surface of the charging area keeps your phone in place


  • Doesn’t work with all phone cases
  • USB cigarette lighter is heavy and bulky

No products found.

Topfit Tempered Touch Screen Protector

topfit Tempered Glass Model S&X Touch Screen Protector Compatible for Tesla Model S and Model X (matte) 2022 2021

In today’s day and age, screen protectors, even in cars, are essential because if you damage your monitor’s screen itself, you get to pay to replace the entire device.

If you have a 17-inch touchscreen in your Tesla Model X, you should probably buy this screen protector, which is made specifically for that monitor. 

This screen protector is transparent to the point where it doesn’t affect your display at all, and it also doesn’t affect the screen’s function. It’s scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, and has a surface that reduces the appearance of fingerprints and other oils that might interfere with the display.


  • Applying and pressing from top to bottom eliminates bubbles
  • Also fits Tesla Model S 17-inch touchscreens
  • Excellent customer service


  • Poor instructions, so if you’ve never installed a screen protector before, be very careful
  • Need to use compressed air in addition to dust cloth and alcohol wipe to ensure touchscreen is sufficiently clean before installation

Topfit Center Console Drawer Storage Box

Topfit Model S Model X Car Center Console Wooden Drawer Storage Box Glasses Box Customized for Tesla Model S/X Sunglasses Box (Black)…

If an entire center console organizer isn’t for you, a center console storage box might be what you’re looking for. This little storage box is excellent for sunglasses (including spare pairs), keys, wallet, and more. What’s better is that it opens and closes so you can hide whatever you’ve got in there.

It comes with a stainless steel knob to ensure a good grip, so you can open it easily when you need to. Furthermore, you can install it directly under your monitor. Just pull it out out of its packaging and push it in like any regular drawer. It’s also a great place to keep parking passes, whether they’re tickets or readable cards. 

Whether you have a Model X or a Model S, having a drawer in the empty cubby space beneath your screen can help reduce your clutter problems, particularly if you have a long daily commute. It will also prevent stuff from sliding out of there.


  • Lined with flannel to absorb humidity and protect lenses
  • Designed to match or compliment your interior
  • Faux leather exterior adds a touch of class


  • Fits reasonably well but not perfectly
  • Doesn’t slide in and out as smoothly as it should

3D MAXPider All-Weather Floor Mats

3D MAXpider Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat (Black) for 2016-2021 Tesla Model X [Non-folding 6 seat) - Complete Set

All-weather floor mats are a must for new cars or just any car you care about. You can find them everywhere, but we chose these because their design makes them almost a custom fit, giving you the maximum protection from sand, dirt, mud, salt, snow, and any other type of dirt you can think of. 

Rubber floor mats are always good because you can just take them out of your car and hose them down, but generic ones often don’t fit quite right.

These particular mats only fit the six-seat Model X, but MAXPider also makes these mats for the five-seat Model X and the seven-seater, so if you don’t have the six-seater, you can still get them in the right size.


  • Designed to snap into place on factory-installed snaps
  • Absorbs vibrations and reduces road noise
  • Made from eco-friendly SGS material, which also eliminates the smell of rubber


  • 3D logo on the mats look strange in a Tesla and serve as a dirt collection point
  • Does not fit every Tesla Model X

Yee Pin Center Console Organizer

YEE PIN Model S X Center Console Organizer Tray Armrest Tray Armrest Box Secondary Storage Insert ABS Materials Tray Compatible with Tesla Model S X (Black)

Just about everyone can benefit from a center console organizer, but not all organizers are right for all cars or, indeed, all people. Yee Pin’s organizer provides you with a shallow storage bin above the main storage bin, so all those little things you lose in the bottom of your center console remain separated and easy to find.

While it doesn’t have little compartments or dividers for everything, it will help you organize everything from writing utensils to keys and parking passes. It even has a dedicated space for spare change.


  • Easy to install; just set it inside the console compartment
  • Made of hard ABS plastic
  • Rubber mats prevent things from slipping and sliding around as you drive


  • Blocks cup holders, and it has no cup holder of its own
  • Can make it difficult to close the lid on the center console

Best Accessories for Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s Model Y is a great little sedan that incorporates many modern features other vehicle makes do not. Because of that, you’ll definitely want some accessories that help your car look and function at its best. 

There are all sorts of accessories available, so we looked for those that would be the most useful while also helping enhance your experience while driving!

SuperLiner All-Weather Floor Mats

SUPER LINER Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y 5-Seat 2021-2023 Custom Fit All Weather TPE Cargo Liner Cargo Trunk Accessories (Does NOT fit 7-Seat) (Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set)

This six-piece floor mat set fits the Tesla Model Y to a tee. Regardless of where you live, excellent, high-quality floor mats are a must. SuperLiner’s floor mats are textured in a specific way to prevent slipping and sliding no matter what shoes you’re wearing or how slick they are.

You only need to take them out and spray them down to clean them, although if they’re filthy, you might need a little soap and a sponge or old cloth.

If the mats show up at your house bent because the shipper folded them, you can use a hairdryer or a heat gun on low to flatten them out.


  • Eco-friendly and BPA-free
  • Superior temperature resistance to PVC floor mats
  • Floor mats fit so tightly backing isn’t necessary


  • Feels more like plastic than rubber
  • Trunk mats don’t have the same tight fit as floor mats

RSZX Matte Center Console Wrap

RSZX Tesla Model 3 Model Y Center Console Wrap Decoration ABS Matte Carbon Fiber Pattern Tesla Model 3 Model Y Accessories

The Model Y can come with a piano finish inside, which is a very glossy black finish. You can see every single fingerprint and any other grease print you put on it!

Then there’s the problem with sun glare. The sun will often find a way to hurt your eyes when you’re driving, and a piano-finish console is an excellent conduit for that.

RSZX’s matte wrap comes with a carbon-fiber pattern on it, which adds a slightly sporty look to the interior of your Model Y. It protects the console underneath while vastly reducing sun glare and eliminating problems with fingerprints and such. Because of that, it’s also easier to keep looking nice and clean.


  • Easy to install as it’s closer to a case than a wrap
  • Peel and stick design adds to installation ease
  • Looks like part of the vehicle’s interior when installed properly


  • Need to install, wait a few minutes, then press down hard to ensure a strong bond
  • Tape backing is difficult to peel off

SUMK Matte Screen Protector

SUMK Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model 3 Model Y Center Control Touchscreen Auto-Alignment kit Matte Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Glare 9H Hardness

The way that Tesla (and other automakers) situate the touchscreens in their vehicle models makes sun glare a serious problem. There’s also the problem with all touchscreens, and that’s how easily they scratch and crack. 

SUMK’s screen protector has a matte finish to reduce sun glare, and it’s designed to minimize problems with fingerprints and other things, too.

The fact that it’s tempered means you get increased protection with decreased thickness, which reduces potential difficulties between the screen and your fingers. 


  • Installs the same way screen protectors do for your phone
  • Only requires a microfiber cloth for cleaning
  • Shock-resistant in addition to scratch and crack resistant


  • Matte finish can make the display appear slightly blurry
  • Isn’t the exact size as the screen itself

LECTRON Charger Mount and Cable Organizer

Lectron Wall Mount and Cable Charger Holder Compatible with Tesla Wall Connector (Model X/Model S/Model Y/Model 3) - Protective Accessory for Your Tesla Charger (Black)

To keep your Model Y’s charging cable working its best, installing a charging mount and cable organizer is necessary. It doesn’t just keep your cable out of the way in your garage or carport, but it also takes stress off the cable’s connectors by eliminating the weight pulling on them. 

You can hang, loop, or wrap your cable in whatever way you need without damaging it, and you ensure it doesn’t get caught on anything or, worse, yanked too hard and ripped out of the charging wand or from other connections.

Installation requires just a few screws to attach the organizer’s plate to your wall, and that’s it!


  • Fits charging cables for Tesla Models X, S, and 3 in addition to Model Y
  • Anchors and screws are included
  • Perfect for preventing kinks, twists, and tangles in your cable


  • Charging wand sticks out quite a bit, requiring caution in tight spaces
  • Expensive for what it is

BASENOR Center Console Organizer

Basenor Tesla Model 3 Model Y Center Console Organizer Armrest Hidden Storage Box Accessories 2017-2023

Center consoles are magnets for all sorts of little things, including pens, loose change, old parking passes, cables, glasses cases, and more. And when you have no way to organize all of that very well, it starts spilling out into the rest of your car. 

This center console organizer is custom-made for both the Model Y and Model 3. Its specific cut gives it a tight fit that doesn’t interfere with the center console’s opening. Plus, it’s sturdy and durable, made from rigid ABS plastic.

It’ll let you organize and hide some of those little things that would otherwise pile up and disappear. 


  • No tools required for installation
  • Has specific pockets for cards, whether they’re parking cards, ID cards, or anything else
  • Comes with adhesive but will allow regular glue for added stability


  • Door may loosen over time
  • Not large enough for things like sunglasses cases or other larger items

3Y Magnetic Phone Holder

3Y Tesla Model 3 Magnetic Phone Holder Model Y Phone Mount Magnet

Even though Teslas come with large monitors that help you navigate, among other things, you may still want your phone where you can see it sometimes. There are many different phone mounts and holders out there, but a magnetic holder is a bit more convenient because you can just pull your phone off of it when you need to.

It does require you to insert a metal plate between your case and your phone, but you can mount it on any side of your monitor. Just hold your phone up to each side and see where it’ll work best for you, and then install the mount on that side.


  • Fits all smartphones except the iPhone 12
  • Magnet is strong enough for most plus-sized smartphone
  • Easy to install with strong adhesive or glue


  • Vertical placement isn’t the best
  • Doesn’t necessarily sit flush with the monitor

Best Accessories for Tesla Model S

If you have a Tesla Model S, you’ve got the luxe of luxury electric cars, so you want the absolute best accessories for it. Everyone likes to customize their cars, but most people prefer accessories and customizations that fit the luxury level inherent in the car itself. 

If you’re looking for storage accessories, floor mats, or even trunk liners, you can find excellent items that will make your Model S the best it can be. 

LMZX Cubby Organizer

LMZX Tesla Model S X Center Console Drawer Cubby Organizer Box Storage Box Insert Wooden Drawer for Tesla Model S Model X Accessories (Leather Black)

You can store things in that empty cubby space underneath your screen, sure, but you could also install a little box that keeps your stuff in one place and helps hide anything you don’t want the world seeing. It has a faux leather exterior for added elegance and a stainless steel knob for easy pulling out.

It’s excellent for storing extra sunglasses (or your only pair if you don’t need them at that moment), as well as pens, cards, change, and even short charging cables and earbuds. 


  • One person can easily install this
  • Wear-resistant flannel lining helps protect things like your sunglasses
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not go in perfectly flush with the cubby hole’s walls
  • Corners are glued together, possibly requiring re-gluing at some point

WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner

WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner Trunk Mat for Tesla Model S - 40933 (Black)

Most of us don’t really consider how our trunks look or how we use them. We throw things in and let them be unless we either have so much stuff we must fit everything together like a jigsaw puzzle or transport something fragile.

When we have something fragile, we’ll usually put it in the cabin where we know it’ll be safe. However, having a trunk liner like this one isn’t a bad idea. Your trunk gets very dirty with all the stuff you put in there. 

If you keep car repair or maintenance supplies in there and they spill, you’re never getting it out. Worse, if oil, transmission fluid, or other fluid spills, it’ll soak into everything you put into your trunk.

A high-quality cargo liner like this one doesn’t just protect your trunk; it also protects your stuff from spills. You can clean spills, dirt, salt, whatever, off of it easily.


  • High outside lip contains spills
  • Material doesn’t contain latex or PVC
  • You can easily store it rolled up


  • Does not fit all Model S vehicles
  • May require trimming to fit around anything you have permanently installed in your trunk

OBL Dashboard Trim Cover

OBL Center Console Dashboard Cover Trim for Tesla Model X Model S 2014-2020 Car Interior Accessories ABS Imitation Carbon Fiber Inner Decoration - Middle Control Trim (Pack of 3)

Some of your dashboard trim might drive you nuts. Maybe it’s too glossy or just looks cheap compared to the rest of your car. Perhaps you want a somewhat more sporty look than what you’ve got.

OBL has dashboard trim covers that are perfect for addressing this annoying problem. This dashboard trim cover comes in three pieces that fit right over your existing dash.

All you have to do is line it up where you want it to be sure it will fit, and then peel the backing off and stick it on. Its carbon-fiber look helps spice up the interior of your Tesla Model S without much effort.


  • No cutting, drilling, or screwing into place
  • Carbon-fiber pattern has a vibrant color
  • Much cheaper than doing a carbon-fiber wrap


  • Must install in completely dry conditions; otherwise, the adhesive has problems
  • Must hold in place for at least two minutes to ensure a strong bond

OBL Rear Bumper Protector

OBL Inner & Outer Stainless Steel Rear Trunk Bumper Protector Guard for Tesla Model S 2016-2020 Exterior Car Accessories (Pack of 2) - Imitation Carbon Fiber

Like other Tesla models, the metal trim on the Model S is prone to scratching. You can put up with it, or you can do something about it. If you think you might want to sell your Tesla in the future, protecting that trim is a must.

So while a rear bumper protector might not seem like all that much, it will protect the metal sills on the inside and outside of your trunk space where you drag your heavy stuff, like luggage. It can also serve as better decoration than the existing sills do. 


  • Made of stainless steel with carbon-fiber pattern resistant to wear and tear
  • Cleaner look than existing sills
  • Easy to install – no tools required


  • Doesn’t fit all Model S vehicles
  • Stick-on adhesive may require reinforcement, including glue

Best Accessories for Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 is its smallest and least expensive model, so if you’ve been looking for an affordable Tesla, you probably have or are seriously considering a Model 3. 

But no matter how perfect that car is for you, you can always make it better. It’s the little things that count, and these accessories help you turn this car into your own.

CupHolderHero Premium Non-Slip Mat Set

CupHolderHero fits Tesla Model 3 Accessories 2017-2019 Interior Anti Dust Cup Holder Inserts, Center Console Liner Mats, 7-pc Set (Blue Trim)

There are two problems with every vehicle’s center console: Slippage and dirt. The cupholders especially are challenging to clean because drips, spills, and plain old dirt build up in the corners. For other parts of your center console, things slide around in addition to allowing dirt and grime to accumulate. 

And door pockets can get outright nasty depending on what you use them for. 

With this seven-piece set, you get cupholder liners and other mats for your center console, as well as pads for your door pockets. Each of these mats comes with a tab that makes it easy to pull out and clean. You get a sleek look without the hassle of upkeep.


  • Double-raised edge helps contain drips, spills, and dirt
  • Variety of colors accents your existing interior
  • Thin, so uses a minimal amount of space


  • No seal, so protection is not 100 percent
  • One of the mats is confusing and challenging to install

EVWraps Door Sill Protector

EV Wraps Tesla Model 3 / Model Y Door Sill Protector (2 Pieces) - Matte

This might seem a little silly to some people, but door sills on Tesla’s Model 3 are made of aluminum and scratch quite easily. In turn, that can quickly mar your Tesla’s appearance, which is just irritating and costly to fix unless you don’t care about such things.

These wraps use clear vinyl to ensure the sills’ look is still there but protected from the elements, including those that scratch things up. They’re “peel and stick” covers, so all you need to do is make sure you align them properly and stick them on. 


  • Self-healing material means minor scratches disappear on their own
  • Forgiving during installation; if you mess up, you can try again
  • Comes with soap required for installation


  • Doesn’t always have a perfect fit
  • Can change the door sills’ appearance slightly

Topfit Matte Carbon Fiber Dashboard Cover

Topfit Model 3 and Model Y Dash ABS Matte Carbon Fiber Cap Covers Dashboard Sticker for Tesla Model 3&Y Wrap Accessories (M3/Y Dash)

One of the biggest problems people have with their Model 3s is that there are way too many glossy parts in the interior. It looks great right up until you get a fingerprint, water spot, or even dust on it. 

That’s where a matte dashboard cover comes in handy. Topfit’s peel-and-stick cover not only covers the original dash, but it can give your Model 3 a somewhat sporty look. It’s harder to see dust and fingerprints, plus you don’t get sun glare if you have one of the glossy dashes. 


  • Fits many years of Model 3 and also fits Model Y
  • Carbon fiber construction is highly durable and easy to clean
  • Far easier to install than vinyl wraps


  • Lines run in a different direction from center console wraps
  • Comes in two pieces, which can be seen after installation

Etopmia Non-Slip Performance Aluminum Pedal Pads

Non Slip Performance Foot Pedal Pads Auto Aluminum Pedal Covers Fit for Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model Y Accessories Set of 2

Sure, the pedals are hard to see, and most smart automakers ensure their pedal pads are already nonslip. However, these pedal pads aren’t just decorative. They strengthen the friction between your foot and the pedal, adding another layer of safety.

You need to remove the factory pedal pads before installing these, so keep that in mind. However, installation is pretty straightforward. Just soak them in hot water for about ten minutes or otherwise warm them up to soften the rubber and make it easier to stretch and manipulate. 


  • Extremely tight fit over pedals ensures they don’t slip or slide around
  • Also fits Tesla Model Y
  • Higher quality than bare metal pedals


  • Accelerator pedal needs to be installed from the bottom up
  • Requires some tricky maneuvering to reach both pedals

Tarsier “Door Open” Button Stickers

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y 'DOOR OPEN' Button Stickers (Set of 8)

If you’ve never bought a Tesla before, you might look at this item and think, “Wait, what?” Who needs stickers for their door buttons?

Apparently, Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y have graphics on their door buttons instead of words, and people find them confusing. If you’ve never had this problem, count yourself fortunate.

However, if you have, that’s where these stickers come in handy. You simply put them on your door buttons so you (and everyone you drive around) knows what those buttons do. There’s less worry that someone will end up stuck in your car for a few minutes while they try and figure out how to get out.


  • Literal stickers, so just peel and stick
  • You get a total of eight stickers in a package
  • Made of vinyl rather than sticky paper for durability


  • Since these are stickers, their outlines are visible
  • Expensive for a pack of tiny stickers 

Anker 4-Port USB Hub

Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Unibody Aluminum Portable Data Hub with 2ft USB 3.0 Cable for Macbook, Mac Pro / mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, Notebook PC, USB Flash Drives, Mobile HDD and More

While this isn’t specifically a Tesla accessory, if you plan on using Tesla’s Autopilot dashcam and Sentry Mode features, you could benefit from this kind of a hub.

You technically only need a USB flash drive in one of the included USB ports, but Sentry Mode eats up a lot of space on a flash drive.

With a USB hub, you can either plug in more than one flash drive or use a small solid-state drive (SSD) on which to store your footage. Anker’s four ports give you five, total, allowing you to set things up this way without blocking all of your USB ports. 


  • This can work on every Tesla model
  • Aluminum body is sleek and durable
  • Small enough to fit inside your pocket if you need to carry it with you


  • Adds to clutter in your car, especially with an SSD
  • Only powers two devices at a time

Final Thoughts on Tesla Accessories

Tesla makes a point of building unique and exciting cars, but they can’t create something to suit every single buyer’s tastes. If you want to customize your car, you need accessories. The best Tesla accessories, in our estimation, are those that are useful and attractive, and we found plenty that fit the bill.

When you buy accessories, remember to be sure you’re buying the right ones for your model and year. Tesla’s models have many similarities, but they have a surprising number of differences between them that prevent a seemingly innocuous accessory for one from fitting into another. 

On the whole, useful accessories make a good car. If you have a Tesla, you should have the best and the most convenient for the model you’ve got.

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