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Why Are Tesla Cars So Expensive?

When you hear the term electric vehicles, a name that quickly comes to mind is probably Tesla. Tesla is pioneering sustainable car production with its range of high-performing electric vehicles, such as the Model X and the Model S.  If you’re interested in buying one, you should know they aren’t cheap. Tesla cars are expensive, …

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Acura TLX vs. Honda Accord: Car Comparison Guide

The Acura TLX and the Honda Accord were once closely matched, but the former has put some distance between itself and the latter. It’s more performance-oriented with a high-performance Type S model and an available all-wheel drive.  On the other hand, the Accord is more practical. It retains the traditional front-wheel drive, offers a hybrid …

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Nissan vs. Honda: Brand Comparison

Japanese automobile manufacturers score highly in global reliability ratings for their dependable and affordable vehicles. However, taking a closer look shows that some brands outperform others, and you shouldn’t always take what you hear as the gospel.  Therefore, how does Nissan compare to Honda? Which brand has better reliability and longevity? Which brand has safer …

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Jeep 4.7 Engine Problems: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Jeep 4.7 is a 4.7-liter gasoline engine originally made by Chrysler and fitted on several Dodge and Jeep models. The American Motors Corporation (AMC) developed the engine and debuted it for Chrysler in 1998, becoming their first V8 engine in nearly four decades.  Down the line, the engine debuted in the Jeep family in …

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Toyota Tundra Towing (Complete Guide)

Having undergone a redesign, the new Toyota Tundra features lightweight body panels over high-strength steel frames for better towing. Additionally, the truck offers two engine options paired with Toyota’s Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i).  As a result, the Tundra selects the most suitable gear ratio at any instance without your intervention. So how …

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