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Is The Gas Pedal On The Left or Right?

Regardless of the automation level and driver assistance features in modern-day vehicles, some common control mechanisms that have stood the test of time are the pedals. In addition to the steering wheel, the gas and brake pedals grant you greater control over your vehicle.  However, you may have heard of the different vehicle configurations depending …

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Do Rental Cars Have Cameras?

Most laws recognize privacy as an individual human right. Safeguarding human privacy is critical towards promoting your dignity and safety. However, we’ve heard cases of hidden cameras in private work spaces, washrooms, or even rental rooms.  It begs the question, what about rental cars? Do they have hidden cameras? Rental cars do not have hidden …

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How Do Tesla Door Handles Work?

Tesla’s door handle design is quite innovative, given that the company incorporates sophisticated technology in every part of its cars. Tesla’s approach to improving its cars’ range has received a lot of praise from electric vehicle enthusiasts.  However, its door handles have had their fair share of controversies, leaving many people questioning whether the design …

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Do Teslas Have 4-Wheel Drive?

More than 50% of vehicles on American roads are either all-wheel or four-wheel drive. Generally, most off-roaders and SUV enthusiasts go for 4WD systems, as they’re more robust. On the other hand, most road and performance cars prefer the AWD system for its sophistication.  However, the fact that 4WD systems are getting more sophisticated while …

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How Much Horsepower Does A Lamborghini Have?

Some considerations when designing and engineering high-performance cars are safety and handling relative to their performance. What good is it having a super fast car that’s a mistake away from disaster? Many companies have tried to build some of the most powerful and lightning-fast cars with little success.  High-performance cars are expensive to design, produce, …

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