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Will Windex Hurt Car Paint?

Will Windex Hurt Car Paint?

Many cars have a beautiful paint job, and you definitely don’t want to do anything that ruins the paint while you’re cleaning it! 

A ton of people enjoy using Windex to clean their glass products. But, is it safe to use while you’re washing the car? 

Windex should not be used to clean any surfaces on a car that contains paint as it has strong chemicals that can damage the paint’s finish. 

Windex can be safely used on the windows, mirrors, and headlights.

Keep reading to learn additional tips about safely using Windex to clean your car.

Is Windex Safe to Use on Car Paint?

You shouldn’t use Windex on any part of your car that has paint. Only use an appropriate cleaner if you’re cleaning something painted. 

Windex has a ton of chemicals in it that can strip your paint if you use it to clean the car’s paint. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t use it at all while you’re washing the car, though. 

Just make sure you’re only using it on the interior to prevent it from stripping any paint. It’s a great cleaner if you’re only using it on the car’s interior. 

Using Windex on your car’s clear coat could cause it to strip as well. Don’t try to use any of it, even if your car has a clear coat. 

You can try to use it on the mirrors. That’s not going to cause any damage as long as you keep it off all the paint. 

Don’t let it dry without wiping it up with a microfiber cloth, either. There would be spots left on the glass if you didn’t wipe it all up. 

Can Ammonia-free Windex Be Used on Car Paint?

If you plan on using Windex, make sure it’s Ammonia-free. This version doesn’t have as many chemicals in it. So, it’s not as harsh if you’re trying to clean the car. 

You still shouldn’t use it on any painted surfaces unless you’re trying to strip them. 

Even ammonia-free Windex can strip your car’s paint if you’re not careful. 

Use it to clean the windows and mirrors. They’ll look a lot better after you’ve sprayed them with glass cleaner. Just remember to wipe them down after you’ve sprayed them. 

That way, you won’t have a ton of spots on them after you’re done cleaning. 

Does Windex Remove Wax?

You can remove wax by spraying Windex on your car. But, we still wouldn’t recommend using it for that purpose. We’d suggest grabbing a clay bar and rubbing the car down with it. 

Rubbing the car down with a clay bar usually removes all the wax. Plus, it won’t do anything to the car’s paint. 

Spraying it with Windex might damage the car’s paint after it’s removed all the wax. 

You could even go to an auto parts store and ask them for some wax remover. They’ve designed cleaners to use when you have wax on the car. They’ll remove it without peeling the car’s paint at all, too. 

Most auto parts stores also have products you can use to remove the car’s clear coat. Use it if you’re trying to repaint the car another color.

It’ll make it a lot easier to remove any paint without damaging the car’s chassis. 

Can You Use Windex On Car Mirrors?

You can use Windex on the mirrors without worrying about the paint. Just don’t get any on the car’s paint while you’re cleaning them. 

Take a small bottle of Windex and use it to spray some on a rag. Then, use the damp rag to rub the mirrors on your car. 

Wipe them down with a dry cloth after you’ve finished putting Windex on them. 

Only work on one mirror at a time. Otherwise, some of the Windex might run onto the car’s paint. Completely dry them off before moving on to the next one. That’s how you’ll get them all done without doing anything to the car’s paint. 

Can You Use Windex on Car Headlights?

You can use Windex on your car’s headlights, too. A lot of them look better once you’ve cleaned them off. We’d suggest using a wax remover first, though. 

Headlights get wax on them while you’re driving. Then, they’ll look way dimmer than usual. 

Removing the wax that’s covering the headlights should make them look brighter. 

Spray them down with Windex after you’ve removed any wax. That should make them incredibly bright. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to see what’s on the road in front of your anymore. 

Don’t let the Windex get onto the rest of your car while you’re doing this, though. That might cause some of its paint to begin peeling. 

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