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Does Toothpaste Damage Car Paint?

Does Toothpaste Damage Car Paint?

Have you ever heard how you can use toothpaste to buff out scratches on your car? Well, it turns out it actually works! 

However, you may also find yourself wondering if toothpaste can cause other damage to the car paint in the process of removing scratches.

Toothpaste will not damage a car’s paint as most car paint is not reactive to peroxide. When using toothpaste to remove scratches, use light pressure to help remove the surface defects in the paint without damaging it.

As it passes against the surface, it rubs away any abnormalities. That’s why it’s so useful if you’ve had a scratch on the car. 

Turns out, toothpaste can be just as useful as Armor All when it comes to vehicle care.

Does Toothpaste Take Paint Off Cars?

You might rub a little paint off the car if you’re using a hard-bristle brush. That’s the only way you’d take any of its paint off while using toothpaste. 

Just make sure to use a soft brush if you’re using any of it on the car. 

A soft brush shouldn’t cause any issues, since they’re not as hard. You’ve still got to be careful whenever you’re rubbing the car, though.

Even a soft brush could take off some paint if you’re pressing too hard. 

Only use toothpaste on parts of the car with scratches on them already. You’re not going to make the car look better if there’s nothing wrong with it.

You can take a dollop of toothpaste and spread it on top of any scratches. 

Use a microfiber cloth to rub the paste into the scratches where you’ve placed it. 

Try to rub the paste into them by using small circular motions. 

This should get rid of most of the defects in the paint. 

You’ll never get the car to look as if it’s brand new. But, you can buff out most scratches by using a little toothpaste. 

Applying a little paint after you’ve rubbed the scratches will give the best results. So, try putting some on your car after you’re done with the toothpaste. 

Will Toothpaste Affect the Paint’s Color?

Toothpaste often has peroxide in it. That’s why people seem to believe it can change your paint’s color. However, most cars don’t use paint that reacts to peroxide. 

However, a little peroxide typically isn’t going to damage your car’s paint. So, don’t hesitate when you’re trying to buff out a scratch. 

Take some toothpaste and use it to reduce the scratch’s appearance. 

Rubbing toothpaste into a scratch works the paste’s particles against the car’s surface. 

Working it into the car’s surface hard enough can make it look much better. 

But, you can use too much pressure while you’re working with the paste. That’s going to remove some of the car’s paint unless you’re extra careful. 

What Will Ruin Car Paint?

There are a ton of things that can ruin your car’s paint, without you realizing it. 

Even something as simple as tree sap can leave long-lasting damage. 

Parking your car under a tree isn’t a good idea. Some of its sap might drip onto the car, leaving a permanent mark.

Tree sap is almost impossible to remove without damaging your paint after it has dried. If you spot any on your car, don’t let it linger. 

Bird droppings are another common way to ruin paint. Parking your car where birds like to congregate isn’t a good idea, either. Make sure there’s nowhere for them to sit above the car before you’ve left.

Otherwise, you might end up with a ton of stuff on your car by the time you’re back. 

Also, remember to pay attention whenever you’re refilling the car’s tank. 

Getting gas onto its surface is an easy way to strip its paint. 

Gas is rather corrosive, even in small quantities. So, wipe any off if you get some on the car while filling the tank. 

Don’t light a fire if it’s too close to your car, either. 

Not only is it an explosive hazard, but it can also damage your paint. Hot ash will leave a singe on the car’s surface if it lands there while it’s still hot. 

Can Toothpaste Be Used to Remove Paint Scratches?

You can use a little toothpaste to remove scratches from the surface of your car. We’re using it the same way when we’re brushing our teeth with it, too. 

Toothpaste can improve the appearance of your teeth by removing stains from them. They’re able to do that because they have abrasive particles in them. These rub against whatever you’re brushing them with. 

So, they’ll work on a car if that’s what you’re using. 

Always grab a little paint to use after you’ve finished rubbing the car with toothpaste. 

Most of the time, it’s not going to look great until you’ve repainted it. We’d recommend getting some paint that’s going to match whatever is on the car already. 

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