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Can You Put Seat Covers On Leather Seats?

Can You Put Seat Covers On Leather Seats?

Getting leather seats for your car is a definite upgrade over the normal ones, and you’ll feel the difference the moment you seat yourself in one of the beauties. 

Leather seats are amazing, and they give you an extremely comfortable driving experience. 

But caring for leather seats is also very important, since they can easily be ruined, and you’ll face unwanted expenses. Because of this, you may be wondering whether or not you can put seat covers on those nice leather seats of yours.

For the most part, seat covers are harmless for leather seats and will do their part to preserve the leather seats. Some seat covers can ruin the leather, especially those that are dyed. If the dye runs off in extreme heat onto the leather seats, the color might seep into the leather.

This article will help guide you through the different benefits of using a seat cover for your leather seats, what seat covers to avoid, and general advice to help maintain the premium look and feel of your leather covers. So, keep reading!

Is It Bad To Put Covers On Leather Seats?

Putting on some seat covers onto your leather seats is always a plus when you want to maintain the look and feel of that premium leather.

Always make sure to use the right seat covers, otherwise, the seats may have some detrimental effects.

Using seat covers that are thick and can trap heat can cause damage to your leather seats over time. This is because the heat traps can ruin the leather by causing it to crack, or accumulate mold.

Neoprene seat covers can trap heat, as well as thicker materials, such as sheepskin.

Seat covers can also restrict the side airbags from properly working, which can make accidents even worse, in the case they occur.

On the other hand, seat covers that are way too thin might protect from direct sunlight, but won’t protect against liquid spills, which may seep through the covers and accumulate onto the leather seat, where it can infect the leather and create a stench in the car over time.

Your best bet would be to get a cover that is thin enough to not create heat traps, be tight enough to not let other types of debris onto the seat, and be waterproof. 

This combination of features would be the best you can get with seat covers.

Do I even need a seat cover?

If you want to preserve the fine leather for years to come, and want your interior to look brand new, then yes. 

Investing in the right seat cover might have a higher initial cost, but the advantages will give you great value for money over time.

You’ll be thanking yourself you made that solid investment when you accidentally drop a soda in the car, or if your kid makes a mess in the backseat. 

Getting a good seat cover can give you the following benefits:

Protection from UV rays

The harsh sun is leather’s biggest enemy, and can cause the leather to crack and discolor over time. This is caused by the sun’s UV rays. 

UV rays are also harmful to the dashboard, so a wise decision would be to get a dashboard cover as well if you want to keep your car looking pristine and new.

Overall protection

You can’t stop dust from coming into your car, and can’t prevent nature from doing its part in harming your car’s interior

But a good seat cover will help to prevent dust and grime from accumulating onto the seats and will keep your seats safe from stains from any accidents in the car.

Other things, like pet hair, particles from snacks, or meals eaten in the car, also have a way of somehow embedding themselves into the seats, and a good seat cover will prevent just that.

Maintaining resale value

Good seat covers can go a long way in maintaining a car’s resale value. You definitely don’t want to get your car value and find out that you’re facing a loss because of a ruined interior.

That’s why seat covers are generally a sound investment.

Aesthetic appeal

Some drivers like to further customize their seats with premium-looking seat covers to further improve the aesthetic look of the vehicle. 

While this is completely optional, why not go for a seat cover that looks good as well?

Seat covers battle heat

In hotter climates, leather seats can be an absolute pain when you sit in your car which has been parked outside for too long. 

That’s why different covers, like mesh covers, provide better heat dissipation and will provide a more comfortable fit in hotter weather.

Easily washable

Compared to leather, your seat covers are generally much easier to wash and clean if any unwanted materials make it dirty. 

In contrast, leather is very tough to clean if you accidentally stain it. Cleaning seat covers is as simple as popping them into the laundry!

Keeping your leather clean

Before installing your seat covers, make sure to thoroughly clean the leather seats!

If you’re using any leather cleaners, test them before applying to ensure that it is suitable for the leather. 

Vacuuming the car is a must since dust and grim regularly collect into the nooks and crannies of your car. 

Using a microfiber cloth is always better than a rag since it won’t scratch your leather, and always try to get non-toxic leather cleaners or car conditioners.

If you’re opting for a homemade cleaner, mixing two parts vinegar with one part water is a pretty solid combination of cleaner. 

Cleaning your leather seats once or twice a month and using seat covers regularly will ensure that your car’s interior stays pristine, and the leather stays brand new!

Final thoughts

Well, that sums up this article! To answer your question, seat covers generally do more good than bad for your leather seats, and it’s up to you to choose the best seat cover. 

The features that it should have been that the cover should be soft, not trap heat, be a good fit on the seat, and preferably be waterproof.

We hope this article was helpful, and you find a good seat cover. Happy Driving!

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