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Minivans With Stow ‘N Go Seats

Minivans With Stow ‘N Go Seats

Have you seen minivans with stow-and-go seats and thought that would be a good option for you? Well, if so, then knowing which minivans to look for will help you find the one for you. 

The only minivans that offer the official stow n’ go seats are the Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Voyager, and the Chrysler Pacifica. While other vehicles have similar systems, they don’t compare to the convenience and function of stow ‘n go.

Do you want to find a minivan with stow ‘n go seats? Then keep reading to find out more about this system and what vehicle model options you have. 

List of Minivans That Have Stow ‘N Go Seating

If you want to have a full list of all the minivan vehicles that come with stow-and-go seats so you can make your decision quickly, then here is a list of options that you can pick from. 

  • Dodge Caravan 
  • Chrysler Voyager 
  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Chrysler Town and Country

This, as you can see, is a pretty short list…

This is because stow-and-go seats are a specialty feature that was designed and used mainly for Chrysler vehicles.

There are other options like split-and-stow, which is a similar design, but it doesn’t offer the same ease of use.

What are Stow ‘N Go seats?

The term stow ‘n go is the name for a folding seat system that allows you to stow a seat away to allow for more room for other things.

This is ideal for families that need to bring many items along with them for a vacation, and also for those who handle grocery shopping so you won’t need to smash any items against the seat to fit everything. 

This system was created by Chrysler and is mainly used in their family of vehicles. However, they are not the only ones who use the system. The design is made to allow the seat to be folded and placed onto the floor, or into the floor so you have extra space that isn’t taken up. 

This is typically marketed for families who take kids to and from school and to sports games or dance practices since this type of seating is meant for busy families. Stow-and-go seats allow you to fold the seat quickly and get on the road faster.

These seats are often in the third row so that you can haul large items when the seats are down and have more passengers when the seats are in the upright position.

However, some vehicles also offer second-row stow-and-go seats for even more space!

What are the Benefits of Stow ‘N Go Seating?

While the main benefit of this seating option is the extra space that it provides, there are actually several different benefits that you get when your minivan is equipped with stow-and-go seats.

So, to ensure that you know all the ways that this type of seating can benefit you and your family, let’s take a look!

1. Automatic Front Seat Adjustment 

The front seats are made to move automatically at the press of a button, which keeps you from having to move them manually.

When you are bringing home groceries, you have your hands full, and if you can’t move the seats, you might end up dropping something. 

This can also be an issue when you have a baby that you must carry and need to move the front seats to make room for the stow-and-go seating.

However, since you only need one hand to be able to move the seats, all you have to do is press the button. 

This will automatically move the seats forward to allow for extra room, which makes it much easier to use the stow-and-go seating. 

2. Provides a Level Surface for Cargo 

Placing stuff on the seats of your car might not be a good idea because you could go over a bump and it could fall on the floor. This is not an issue with stow-and-go seating since it provides a level surface for your things. 

The seats fold down to a space under the floor level so that the seat is now level with the floor. This allows you to lay items flat onto the floor of the minivan so they won’t fall over due to uneven ground. 

This is especially beneficial when you have different bottles of liquid in the car at once. Milk, juices, and alcohol bottles all have different shapes, and when they are on uneven ground it may cause them to fall over and possibly break a glass bottle. 

3. Different Seat Configurations 

Each time you use your vehicle, you will likely have a different number of passengers and cargo items. This means that you will sometimes need only one seat down, or the whole third row stowed. 

It will depend on how many people are with you and what you need to take along for the trip. If you are heading to the beach, then you might need more space for towels, an ice chest, and beach chairs. 

But, if you are going to a family gathering, then having the whole family with you plus an uncle and aunt that you pick up will mean that you need all your seats. With stow-and-go seats, you can use any number of seat configurations to fit your needs. 

Do Stow ‘N Go Seats Recline? 

Part of having good seats in your car is that they make you more comfortable when you take long drives or road trips. You don’t want a stiff option that doesn’t give you any back support.

One of the most requested features for seats in cars is that they recline! This will allow you to lean the seat back and relax more comfortably during long drives.

But, with the ability to be fully stored away, is it possible for these seats to recline at all? And, if they can, how much can they recline? 

Well, although it might seem like there is no way that stow-and-go seats could recline, they do. This is great for those who want to keep their second and third-row seats comfortable.

The seats will not be able to be pushed forward or backward like in other vehicles, but they do recline. They do recline all the way where you could be almost in a lying position, but they do offer enough movement that you will be about halfway from the upright position to the floor. 

This is enough to be able to fall asleep on long trips or watch a movie on a smartphone or tablet while in the car. 

Can Stow ‘N Go Seats Be Removed? 

Although the use of stow-and-go seats is versatile, there may be occasions when you won’t need them for some time, and you want to take them out. Though this might not be the most common thing, it does happen. 

And, if you want to remove them and place a mat over the floor to accommodate for extra space, then you should know that this is doable. It will take you about a half-hour to remove the seats, but you can get them out yourself. 

However, though this can be done at home, you will only want to attempt this if you have some knowledge of vehicles and interior work. The seats are installed a certain way to ensure that the stow-and-go systems work correctly, and you don’t want to mess them up so you can’t put them back in when you need them.

There have also been some cases where people who were inexperienced with vehicle repair attempted to remove their stow-and-go seats and were injured. This is not common, but it can happen.

So, if you don’t feel like you have the ability and knowledge to do this yourself, you can take it to a Chrysler dealership to have the work done. This won’t cost too much and it will allow you to have someone who knows a lot about the vehicle to do the work for you so that nothing will be messed up. 

However, if you do attempt to do the work yourself, you should take a look at online videos of others doing it to get an idea of what to expect. Also, this could help you avoid some of the simple mistakes that first-timers make when removing the seats themselves. 

Final thoughts on Minivans With Stow ‘N Go Seats

Not many minivans come with stow ‘n go seats, but those that do offer a simple and easy way to fold your second and third-row seats down to make more room for cargo.

With this system, you will have a much easier time changing the seat configurations, and you will have a large number of configurations to choose from.

Parents and guardians of young kids often need to do things very quickly so they don’t take their eyes off of their kids.

Well, with stow-and-go seating allowing you to automatically move the front seats forward and fold the seats you don’t need in just seconds, you won’t have to take your eyes off your children for very long. 

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