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Can Chevy Rims Fit Dodge?

Can Chevy Rims Fit Dodge?

Ever wondered if Chevy rims can fit on a Dodge? Unravel the compatibility mystery and explore the factors that make a difference. Let’s roll into the specifics!

Chevy and Dodge vehicles can interchangeably use the same rims if they have the same number of lugs and the same spacing. This can apply to 4, 5, 6, and 8 lug rims.

Do you want to find out more about why these rims can work on both types of vehicles? Well, keep reading to see why this is and how it can benefit you to stick with these cars if you want to keep your rims. 

8-Lug Rims 

The term “8-lug rims” is pretty self-explanatory but refers to the number of lugs that keep the rim attached to the rest of the tire. An 8-lug rim has eight lugs that connect the rim to the tire and you will need to tighten these to properly install the rim to the vehicle.

Many 8-lug rims are a pretty common size that is used on many vehicles. This fits many different vehicles and can be taken off and put onto another vehicle with few changes needed for installation. 

However, there are some situations where you will need to machine the center bore to allow the whole rim to fit correctly. But, in most scenarios, you will not have to make any adjustments for the rim to fit.

Why These Rims Are Common 

You might be wondering why the tires on every single vehicle are not made differently in order to fit that exact vehicle only. Well, this is often because rims are made so that you can replace the stock version that comes with the vehicle with something more luxurious or durable. 

It is also easier to make a rim that can fit on multiple vehicles than to manufacture dozens of different options that will only work for one car. So, Chevy and Dodge have the same rim sizes, which makes it easier to remove, replace, or transfer to another vehicle. 

If you have a Chevy and a Dodge that both have 8-lug rims, you will likely be able to install the rims from your Chevy vehicle onto your Dodge without having any problems. However, this is not the only size that may be used for both brands of vehicles. 

Other Rim Sizes That Fit Both 

Although 8-lug rims fit many different vehicles, other sizes will fit well also. The 6-lug rims that come on some Chevy vehicles are also the same size as the ones that are needed on Dodges.

This will allow you to use these 6-lug rims on both Chevy and Dodge vehicles as easily as the 8-lug options. Many cars that are made by these two manufacturers also feature this size of rim and come with the ability to use the same type of rim for both vehicle options. 

The 5-lug rims are another size of the rim that can be fitted from a Chevy vehicle to a Dodge. The 5-lug rims fit the patterns of multiple car models so they are another interchangeable option.

Lug Bolt Patterns 

If you are not sure which rims will be able to be taken from your Chevy to your Dodge, you will need to take a look at the lug pattern of the rim to ensure that they are the same for both vehicles. If not, then the rim will not fit properly. 

However, if the lug pattern is the same, then you will be able to change them out or switch them to another vehicle. This will make choosing rims easier and make updating or upgrading them much easier as well. 

The lug pattern is the distance between the lug holes and the size of the circle that is created by the lugs being attached around the center of the rim. 

There are a few common sizes that will allow most vehicles to fit the same rims because they are typical lug patterns used in manufacturing. The most common sizes that are used for many vehicles are the four, five, six, or eight-lug rims. 

Each one of these measurements is determined by the number of lugs that are used in the lug pattern. These common patterns are used on many vehicles of the same sizes.

For example, many mid-sized sedans have a similar five or six-lug pattern. This makes it easy to transfer them from one Chevy car to a Dodge model because of the same pattern.

Also, larger vehicles like an SUV or truck might have an eight-lug pattern that you can switch between any larger Chevy or Dodge vehicle. 

Uncommon Sizes 

Just as there are some common lug patterns, there are also some that are not used as often and that you would have a harder time finding a match to. These lug patterns include the three, seven, or ten-lug patterns. 

These patterns are not typically seen on many vehicles and are much rarer to see on the road. This is because they are not the standard sizes or patterns that you would use for many vehicles and are more often used on unique vehicles. 

Measuring Your Lug Pattern 

Another thing that you should look at when trying to put your Chevy rims on a Dodge vehicle is the measurement of the lug pattern. Although the number of lugs in the pattern is important, you also want to measure the circumference of the pattern so you know the entire size of the circle the holes create.

If you want to measure the circumference of the lug pattern yourself, you can do so easily. You will just need a measuring tool of your choice. 

Then, you will need to measure the distance between two holes on the opposite ends of the circle. With the lug patterns that are not even, like the five or seven-lug-pattern options, you will want to measure across from the two farthest holes. 

Also, for the uneven patterns, you will need to measure from the back of the first hole to the middle of the second. This will give you the most accurate measurement for this type of pattern.

If the lug pattern is even, then you can measure it by using any of the two opposite holes. This will give you the circumference of the circle that the lugs create. 

Modifications Needed 

Although the lug pattern is an important part of the fit, that is not the only thing you will need to check. You also want to check the size of the hub, which is the center part of the wheel. 

Many of the older Chevy model rims come with a small hub that might not fit the hub of the Dodge vehicle without some modification. This is a small task and won’t take much work, but you will need to think about it. 

If the bolt pattern is the same, like that of all Chevy and Dodge vehicles, then you will only need to adjust the hub space to ensure the best fit. To do this, you will need to try to place the rim onto the Dodge vehicle, if the hub is not the same size, then you’ll have to cut the circle that fits around the hub.

If you enlarge this space, then you will be able to get the rim over the hub so that it fits directly onto the wheel. If you need to do this, you can use a lathe to bore the hole and enlarge it, or you can use a hole saw with lots of lubrication. 

Make sure that you keep your tool lubricated to keep it from being bogged down during the job and stop working. 


Getting the right rims for your Dodge shouldn’t be difficult to do, but if you don’t have the right information, then you might not realize how simple it can truly be. Well, with the Chevy and Dodge vehicles all having the same lug pattern, your Chevy rim will fit onto a Dodge. 

However, you will still want to measure the lug pattern properly and measure the size of the wheel hub. If you need to enlarge the hub so the rim can fit over it, then you can do so before installing the rim onto the wheel.

Knowing that you can switch out the rims on your Chevy and Dodge gives you the freedom to choose which ones you like on each vehicle. If you don’t like the rims that come on your Chevy on the car, then you can choose to remove them and put them on your Dodge. 

This way, you will be able to choose how to use them and be able to switch them out if you get new rims as well. Having the ability to customize a vehicle in even the smallest of ways makes you feel like you have a one-of-a-kind car, and this just might be the easiest way to change it.

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