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6 Reasons Your Chevy Truck Isn’t Starting!

6 Reasons Your Chevy Truck Isn’t Starting!

Did you come out to your Chevy truck and turn the key, just to find out that the engine was not starting? If this has happened to you, you are not alone, but this can be a very frustrating thing to deal with. 

Well, if your Chevy truck isn’t starting, then 6 main reasons could be causing your problem.

The most common reasons for a Chevy truck not starting include issues with its:

  • starter
  • faculty coil
  • starter gear
  • battery
  • clogged air filter

Want to know what would cause a Chevy truck not to start? Then keep reading to see what you can do to avoid the issue and what to do when your truck won’t start. 

6 Main Reasons For Your Truck Not Starting 

Having a vehicle means that you are responsible for the upkeep of it, which can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming with so many parts that need servicing.

Whether you have a problem with the engine itself, or you have a small issue like a faulty coil that needs changing, there are multiple reasons why your truck isn’t starting as it should.

If you want to know the main reasons why your truck isn’t starting properly and how you can fix the problem so you can get back on the road. 

#1 Truck Engine Doesn’t Turn Over 

Although this might seem like the most obvious to say, when your Chevy truck won’t start, the starter system might have something going wrong. You can tell that it is the starter when you turn your car key in the ignition and nothing happens.

This issue with the starter can be that it needs to be replaced, or it could mean that the power from the battery is not connected correctly and needs to be checked.

This could also be caused by a faulty solenoid, which means that you will just need to replace that part. 

However, before you assume that there is a problem with your starter itself, you should check that your electrical connections are secured and cleaned.

You also want to ensure that your parking level is in the right position, or else this could cause the engine not to turn over, without there being an issue with the starter at all. 

#2 Engine Will Turn Over but it Doesn’t Start 

If you hear that the engine is turning, but the truck still isn’t fully starting, then you likely have a problem with the engine creating a spark. This could indicate that you need a new sparkplug, a weak battery charge, or a bad ignition coil. 

These are all pretty simple fixes that won’t cost you a ton of money and won’t take long to do either. If you test the battery and it is not producing a great enough charge, then you will need to replace it. 

Or, if you take a look at the sparkplug and see that you will need to replace it because it has become too worn out, then that will be your next move. Also, if the ignition coil is worn out, then you will just need to replace that part to get the truck working again. 

#3 The Starter is Turning but the Engine Isn’t 

If this occurs, you will hear the starter working, but the engine will fail to turn and start the vehicle correctly. This means that the starter gear is not engaging the engine flywheel. 

In most cases, the starter pinion will begin to stick, which stops the gear from being able to get into the right position it needs to be in with the flywheel.

Giving the pinion a cleaning can help get rid of anything that is making it stick, so this could be an easy fix if that is the only problem you have. 

However, in other cases, which are much less common, you could find that the starter has a broken gear or the teeth on a certain gear are broken or worn down. If so, you will need to replace that gear to start the car.

#4 Engine is Unable to Start Cold 

When an engine is not able to start cold, or at least not very well, this likely means that there is an issue with the spark that is created or that there isn’t enough fuel being given to the cylinders.

If you are seeing that the car might start, but does so very slowly, then you will want to take a look at the battery. 

If the battery is not strong enough, then the spark that it makes will not be enough to turn over the engine quickly, or at all. You can check the battery power easily, and if there is not a full charge, then you will know this is the reason why your Chevy truck is not starting. 

However, if you find that the battery is fine, then it could be your distributor cap or wiring. A worn cap or wires can make a spark that is not enough to turn the engine over quickly and you will find yourself needing to replace one of them.

It could also be that your fuel filter in the truck is clogged. This could end up resulting in your fuel not being able to reach the cylinder, which will keep the truck from starting even if the engine sounds like it is turning over. 

#5 Engine Isn’t Starting When Hot 

If you are having the opposite problem and are finding your Chevy truck having trouble starting hot, then you may have a problem with the air filters. This means that the truck is not getting the proper airflow it needs for the intake. 

If this is happening, you will tend to smell gas when you continue trying to start the vehicle. This is commonly known as flooding because the gas smell “floods” the vehicle the more you try to start the truck. 

If you do not have a gas smell at all, then it could also mean that there is a worn or broken coil or electric system. If it is a coil, then you will just need to replace the worn part. 

However, if you see that the issue stems from an electrical system, then the heat will cause the system to have more resistance. This will result in lowering the voltage and the effectiveness of the ignition.

This will cause the engine to be unable to start hot and you will need to check out the entire system to see what is causing the problem and how to fix it. 

#6 Engine Isn’t Starting Due to Dirty Battery 

If your truck is not starting and you have a battery that has a good amount of charge, then you will want to make sure that the battery is cleaned. This will allow the connections between the battery and the engine to not work as well. 

This is an easy fix, which is always what you want. You just need to clean off the battery cables to ensure that they are giving enough power to the engine. 

You might only need to take a rag to wipe off dirt and debris that is affecting the connection, which won’t take a long, and you won’t need to call roadside assistance or purchase any products to do.

Just make sure that you get everything out of the way or else it may work this time, but you may have the same issue next time you try starting your vehicle. 

Conclusion on Chevy trucks not starting

Getting into your truck only to turn the key and nothing happens can be tough to deal with because you may be fearful that there will be a major issue with your vehicle that will cost you lots of money. However, more often than not, the issue is a small one that won’t cost you much at all.

If you take a look at the engine to see where something is going wrong, you will likely find that one of these 6 common problems are the reason why your Chevy truck isn’t starting. If so, then many of these fixes are better than most other issues that you could’ve dealt with, and you will be able to take care of it with ease. 

With many of these reasons mentioned in this article, you won’t have to do much, but you will also save money by having to call your roadside assistance to come out and either start your car or tow it home.

This can help you feel at ease about your vehicle, knowing how to deal with small issues and what to do when you can’t figure out what is going wrong can make driving less of a hassle. 

So, come back to this list if you have trouble with your Chevy truck starting so that you have help figuring out what is happening in the engine of the vehicle and how to fix the problem without needing to spend a lot to get it done. 

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