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Can a Chevy Equinox Go Off-Road?

Can a Chevy Equinox Go Off-Road?

Do you have a Chevy Equinox and want to know if you can go off-roading in it? You might not know if this is a good idea, so we will cover all you need to know before you decide to hit the road. 

Although the Chevy Equinox is a smaller SUV, it is made for all kinds of roads. This means that you can take it off-roading, and with its high horsepower and AWD, you will be able to get through any terrain you want to drive on. 

A Chevy Equinox is not made to be an off-roading vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t do the job. Keep reading to find out all of the features and functions that make the Equinox able to go off-roading. 

The Chevy Equinox 

This model is a smaller SUV from the Chevy car brand that is known as a crossover vehicle.

The Equinox comes in four- or six-cylinder options that can both give you enough power to go off-roading and handle many different types of terrain. 

The models that are the standard vehicle come with at least 170 horsepower, which can help you get over rocks or gravel out when you are off-roading, but drives smoothly on city streets so you can drive it on multiple roads with ease. 

Why The Chevy Equinox Is Capable For Off-Roading

The Chevy Equinox comes with multiple upgrades from other Chevy crossovers that make it a great choice for those who want to take it off-road.

So, here are all the functions and features that this model comes with that make it ideal for off-roading. 

It Has All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

AWD stands for all-wheel drive, which allows you to have better control over the vehicle because all four of the wheels are engaged and continue to provide traction depending on the type of terrain you are driving on. 

One of the best features for off-roading is the ability to have complete control over the vehicle so that you don’t lose control on rocky roads and paths. Having AWD will help with that because you will have more traction on the road than you would have without it. 

However, not all Chevy Equinox comes with AWD, as some come with 4WD. 4WD stands for four-wheel drive and means that all wheels are engaged, which makes them ideal for slippery roads and climbing hills and steep areas. 

Although this is not necessarily as good as having AWD, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t enough for off-roading. 4WD is good for certain types of roads, but it just might not be the best for all terrains the way that AWD is.

Aerodynamic Shape For Fuel-Efficiency 

Crossover vehicles come with one main feature that separates them greatly from larger SUVs, which is the fact that they are shaped to be more aerodynamic. The vehicle has a more curved shape than most SUVs could be, which makes them more aerodynamic and less top-heavy. 

Top-heavy vehicles have a much higher chance of rollovers, which is one of the dangers of driving in a large-sized SUV.  This has an even higher increase when the road you are driving on is rocky and uneven. 

However, with the more aerodynamic shape, this crossover won’t have the same issue. The smaller size and the curved shape help the center of gravity so that the vehicle will not face a high chance of flipping or rolling over due to uneven ground. 

Better Gas Mileage

Another advantage that comes with the Chevy Equinox aerodynamic shape is that you also get better fuel efficiency with this model. Crossovers are known for their gas mileage, and this model is no exception. 

A large SUV that has a less aerodynamic shape tends to have a boxier shape that increases the wind resistance as it moves. With a smaller and more curved shape, you won’t have to worry about that because the front end allows the wind to move over the top and off the back spoiler.

This will give you better gas mileage overall and allow you to spend more time off-roading, or give you the ability to go out farther without needing to fill up again until you are done driving. 

Smaller Length with Increased Interior Space

The Chevy Equinox crossover model was made to be almost five inches shorter than the previous model to increase the maneuverability of the vehicle and to make parking easier for tight spaces. This makes driving this vehicle much easier for those who don’t like to be behind the wheel of a large vehicle. 

The smaller length makes it better to take off-roading because the crossover is well-balanced and does not have as much weight in the back of the wheel. 

And, although the length was shortened, the space in the interior of the vehicle was actually increased. This also makes the vehicle a bit lighter, which makes it easier to control than a large SUV, especially when on uneven off-roading grounds. 

The interior space was not just expanded a little bit, but it was actually increased over three cubic feet. This allows you to fit more things in the car with you when you take an off-roading trip. 

This allows you to keep all of the equipment and things needed for your trip in the vehicle and makes it easier to balance the load with the added space to move things around.

Balancing the load can make a big difference when you are driving on uneven ground, so having that space to spread your things out to both sides will help you keep full control of the vehicle 

Electronic Grille Shutters

The Chevy Equinox adds even more aerodynamic performance by giving the vehicle electronic grille shutters on the front end of the crossover. This adds to the high performance of the shape by allowing the grills to close when the engine doesn’t need to be cooled as much.

This will also open when the car engine needs to be cooled off more. When the grill is closed, more air is pushed around the vehicle and makes the crossover more aerodynamic. 

This is another feature that helps you get better gas mileage as well since it decreases wind resistance and allows the vehicle to go a long time without needing a fill-up.

There are a few other features added to the vehicle that help improve the wind resistance as well, which include the air trips, underbody panels, and a bigger rear spoiler. 

Better Visibility 

The Chevy Equinox is a crossover that comes with lots of extra space and storage, but it doesn’t take any visibility away from the driver of the vehicle. The ability to see what is around you when you are off-roading is very important, so this is a great feature that keeps you from having blind spots.

The shape and interior space of the vehicle allows the driver to see all around them so they don’t have many blind spots and can see what is happening around them. This is a great advantage when you are off-roading because the driver can see where rocks and large areas of rough terrain are. 

The driver can choose to avoid it or attempt to try and run over it if they believe that the car will make it over the rock or item.

Stabilitrak and Traction Control  

The Chevy Equinox is equipped with Stabilitrak with traction control that makes the brakes safer for tough road conditions. Having the Stabilitrak safety feature keeps the vehicle better stabilized on uneven roads and stops accidents from happening due to lack of traction. 

Having brakes that come with this safety feature ensures that you have the power behind your brakes to stop on a dime if you need to.

This will keep you safe from areas where you don’t want to drive and makes sure that your brakes will help keep the car stable even when you have to stop short. 


If you are a big fan of off-roading and have been wondering if purchasing a Chevy Equinox is a good choice for taking out on the path less traveled, then you should be happy to hear that this vehicle is a great option for you. 

Several features and functions give this vehicle an advantage when you are off-roading and include safety features that will keep you safe along the way.

From the Stabilitrak and traction control for the brakes to the all-wheel-drive system that comes with the vehicle, you will have everything you need to have a great time off-roading with your friends and family. 

Whether you already have a Chevy Equinox or you are thinking about purchasing one that you can take out on the dirt roads, you can feel good about using this vehicle on your favorite off-roading spots in the desert or wherever else you like to go.

With the extra space and better gas mileage, you will have a great time driving this vehicle while keeping yourself and your passengers safe from danger. 

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