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Do I Have To Be With My Car For AAA To Tow It?

Do I Have To Be With My Car For AAA To Tow It?

For over a century, AAA has provided emergency roadside services to the public and its members. Some of these are roadside assistance, including a 24-hour service towing vehicles to safety, dead battery boost starts for disabled cars and flat tire changes. If you find yourself stuck in a jam, you may find yourself wondering if you need to be with your car for AAA to tow it.

The active AAA account holder needs to be present at the breakdown site to tow the vehicle. They must also present their AAA membership card and valid photo ID to verify their AAA membership and utilize the service.

Some exceptional cases apply to AAA towing guidelines, such as when the member gets involved in an accident requiring immediate evacuation to an emergency room.

This article covers these particular guidelines and general ones that apply to AAA members.

Fundamentals of AAA

American Automobile Association (AAA) is a U.S. association that provides an array of automobile services to its members based on their membership levels.

Some of the services include:

  • Insurance
  • Notary
  • Highway support
  • Roadside support

Do I Need To Be Present for AAA To Tow My Car?

As I have already established, my physical presence is essential. However, there are instances where I can’t be present in person to verify my identity. In such circumstances, I have to contact AAA to explain the reason for my absence.

A AAA membership covers you regardless of whether you are driving or riding as a passenger. You can access your auto coverage anywhere, anytime, as long as you present valid documentation whenever assistance is needed.

The AAA services available to me under the coverage are valid only if I am present. However, if I am not, the operator pays for the service!

Luckily, the membership allows for adding more family members to the policy to avoid such cases.

Rules for AAA Towing

Being an AAA member, I can have my car towed to any destination of my choice. It can be an approved auto repair center, AAA service center, or even back to my home.

There are 3 kinds of AAA membership plans. Depending on my membership plan, I am likely to pay a certain towing fee.

The membership plans include:

  1. Classic
  2. Plus
  3. Premier

Let’s look at all the towing rules in each plan.

1. AAA Classic Membership

This policy allows me to have my car towed to any destination of my choice for free for up to 5 miles from the point the car broke down.

2. AAA Plus Membership

This policy offers two choices. I can have my vehicle towed to the nearest AAA-approved automotive center. Or, I can also have them tow the car to an AAA contractor station.

3. AAA Premier Membership

The premier plan offers me better options than the other two policies. For example, AAA can toy the car to my house, or another repair facility, or from one repair facility to another.

This policy offers one free towing service for 200 miles from the scene of the vehicle breakdown. It also provides three towing services for up to 100 miles.  

Frequently Asked Questions about AAA

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the different AAA towing policies let’s look at some of the guidelines and commonly asked questions.

How Much Is the AAA Towing Fee?

The actual towing charges vary based on the location and membership tier. Generally, the cost of AAA membership ranges from $40 to $165 per year.

The approximate initiation fee ranges between $8 and $20 based on the region. This is the price for the main account holder. Each extra family member’s cost also varies with the area of residence.

AAA memberships are annual agreements. Every policy comes with its benefits and pricing. To upgrade a policy, refer to this table for more options.

Can AAA Tow My Car From One Automotive Service Center to Another?

AAA towing service only covers one tow for each breakdown. This means AAA will tow my car from one garage to another for free.

After the service is complete, I will have to pay an extra fee if I request AAA to tow the car from the repair center to my house.

Can I Use AAA to Tow a Friend’s Car?

AAA only covers the policyholder. So, yes, I can use AAA to tow my friend’s car.

However, I have to be present as the driver or the passenger with my membership card to prove my authenticity.

Who Is Responsible for The Damaged Car During Towing?

All rescued vehicles must be transported by an authorized vehicle. If your car is damaged during transportation, the AAA tow-truck driver is liable.

The responsibility includes payments for any damages that occur in transit from the accident or incident scene.

Can I Use AAA To Tow an Unregistered Vehicle?

AAA will not tow vehicles that are not registered or that have missing tags. They clearly state this in their policy.

This is because an unregistered vehicle might have been involved in a crime or is stolen. This is one of the primary reasons for this rule.

Can I Use My Parent’s AAA Card?

Yes, I can use mom’s card only if mum is present as the breakdown site. She also has to verify her identity, which has to be valid at the time of the recovery or rescue.

How Many Times Can I Use AAA Towing Services?

AAA towing services are limited to 4 times a year.

In the case of multiple members in the same plan, each member can use AAA four times. This tactic is popular as it offers more emergency services at no added cost.

AAA Contact Info

When leaving the house, it is vital to carry around our AAA memberships and ID card for identity purposes in the event of a rescue.

AAA road rescue is the ultimate lifesaver as long as your have your AAA card with you!

For prompt assistance, here are convenient ways to contact AAA:

Membership login
Apple AppClick here
Android AppClick here
Contact number800-222-4357

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