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Who Makes Supertech Oil [Here’s What You Should Know!]

Who Makes Supertech Oil [Here’s What You Should Know!]

Trying to pick the right oil for your car seems like it’s tougher than it should be, sometimes. 

If you’ve seen Supertech oil, you’ve probably wondered whether it was good. 

Supertech comes from several companies. The largest manufacturer would be the Warren Oil Company. They’ve supplied most of Walmart’s Supertech oil since it’s been on their shelves. 

There are two other companies that also make some of Walmart’s Supertech oil. ExxonMobil makes a lot of it.

However, you’re not going to find their stuff at every Walmart. The third company that makes Supertech oil is Pennzoil. 

They’ve made a lot of Walmart’s oil. So, you might get a bottle that’s been made by them if you buy Supertech oil

You can identify which company made your bottle by looking at its packaging. Each one leaves a different mark once they’ve finished creating a new bottle. 

What Company Manufactures Supertech Oil?

As we mentioned, most of it comes from a single company. The Warren Oil Company makes most of Walmart’s Supertech oil. 

However, they’re not the only company that’s got a hand in its creation. 

Two other companies help make this oil. Pennzoil and ExxonMobil both contribute to Walmart’s supply. 

You’re not able to tell which company makes yours, usually. You can look at the state’s info to see if there’s a regular supplier. 

Most of the time, Walmart uses one of them to supply all the oil in a given state. Other states don’t necessarily use the same one, though. 

So, it could be different at your store than it is at one across state lines. The Warren Oil Company was founded in 1976 by a man named Irvin Warren. 

Since it was built, the company has expanded from 2 employees to hundreds. The first place where they built their headquarters was in Dunn, NC. 

Today, the Warren Oil Company doesn’t just make oil for the United States. They’ve managed to expand their services to 20 countries around the world. 

Recently, the company was acquired by an investment firm, Trail Creek Investments. ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest corporations.

They’ve started employing more than 70,000 people as part of their expansion efforts. The company began its history after a merger in 1999.

Exxon and Mobil combined their operations to create a new company. Pennzoil has been around even longer than ExxonMobil. 

They’ve been in operation since 1913. However, the company was bought out by Shell in 2002. They’re still making a ton of motor vehicle products using their old name, though. 

You can look at your local Walmart’s Supertech oil to see which company made it. The simplest way to see whether Exxon had a hand in it is by looking at the bottle’s cap. 

Anything made by them is going to have a larger than usual top. The Warren Oil Company puts a white rectangle on all their bottles. 

So, you can check for one on the front of your oil container. If it’s made by them, you’ll notice the symbol on there. Sometimes, it’s even got a QR code inside of it. 

Finally, if your oil was made by Pennzoil, there’s an easy way to tell. Just keep an eye out for a packaging stamp that’s put on the bottle’s exterior. 

It’ll look like the letter C, but there’s a star inside it. 

What Kind of Oil Is Supertech?

Supertech oil is available in multiple varieties. 

You can find some of them as full synthetic. That’s usually going to last longer than conventional oil if you put it in your car. 

Most of their bottles come in a 5-quart container

You can use one of them to replace all the oil in your car, typically. So, you don’t have to buy multiple if you’re only changing the oil once. 

You’ll notice most of their oil offers a 10,000-mile guarantee. 

Plus, all their stuff passes Dexos1 requirements. Using it won’t void your warranty if you’re driving a GM vehicle. 

They’ve made different viscosities, too. 

Look at your car’s manual to see which oil will work the best in your engine. Some engines need incredibly viscous oil, while others don’t. 

Is Supertech Oil Good?

The biggest reason people love using Supertech oil is the price. It’s usually the cheapest brand you’ll find at Walmart if you’re shopping for oil. 

Compared to Mobil 1, you can save over $5 per container. 

That’s not a huge saving, but it adds up over time. The low cost might make you wonder whether it’s a quality product, though. 

Fortunately, we can say that Supertech oil is just as good as most oil. 

It’s not going to break down if your engine gets too warm. They’ve designed it to withstand high temps and pressures, so it lasts a while. 

It also meets the requirements for GM vehicles. You’re not going to void the warranty on your car if you’ve put some of it in the engine.

It passes all the API and ILSAC standards. As such, it’s not going to cause any problems if you’re using it.

If you’re on a budget, then Supertech oil is a great option. It’s not going to cost too much to replace the oil in your car if you’re using this stuff. 

Just make sure you’ve bought one that’s suitable for your vehicle. Otherwise, it could damage the engine when you’re driving the car. 

Using the right oil prevents engine damage and prolongs vehicle lifespan. 

Benefits of Supertech Oil

You can use Supertech oil in your car without worrying about your warranty. Since it meets dexos1 requirements, it won’t affect it. 

High temperatures aren’t going to break down the oil, either. They’ve made it so that it works well, even when it’s hot. 

So, you won’t have to worry about how the weather affects your car. The biggest issue would be how often you’ll need to change the oil. 

It’s got a shorter lifespan than some of the other brands on the market. If you’re using Supertech, don’t wait too long between replacements.

Keeping fresh oil in the car should make it last longer.

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