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Are Tesla Tires Different?

Are Tesla Tires Different?

Whether you have an electric vehicle such as a Tesla or a standard vehicle, you probably think all tires are basically the same

After all, how many differences could there really be between a Tesla tire and another type?

However, considering Tesla seems to make specialized parts for almost every aspect of their vehicles, what if their tires are different too? Are Tesla Tires different from other tires and, if so, how?.   

Tesla tires are optimally designed to handle the high torque of its electric engine and maximize safety. For these reasons, Tesla tires are always radial tires, have thicker sidewalls, and use the highest quality rubber to maximize durability, making them higher quality than many other tires available. 

If you’re wondering how are Tesla tires different and how it impacts driving the car, here are some facts you’ll want to keep in mind.

What Kinds of Tires Does Tesla Use?

In reality, Tesla uses basically the same types of tires found on gas-powered vehicles, except the company makes a few changes along the way.

To begin with, Tesla usually selects the absolute best premium version of a tire when deciding which tires to use on various models. 

Depending on the tire selected, Tesla may not have to make any changes at all to the tire, even though it was not initially designed for the Tesla.

Instead, Tesla will examine a tire and determine it is well-suited for the instant torque of the Tesla vehicle. 

If you’re curious as to why this is important, the instant torque of a Tesla and other electric vehicles means tires on these vehicles tend to wear out quicker than those found on standard vehicles.

Finally, tires used on Tesla vehicles are always radial tires, rather than bias-ply versions. 

Since tires on these vehicles can wear out quicker, Tesla tires also have thicker sidewalls and rubber that is extremely durable.

Why are Tesla Tires Different?

When Tesla vehicles are created, they are done so using technology and parts that are meant to be long-lasting, and that includes the tires.

However, if there is one complaint electric vehicle owners have about their cars, it’s that the tires can often wear out much quicker than those on standard vehicles.

As noted earlier, much of this has to do with the instant torque of a Tesla. With any type of electric vehicle, 100% of its torque is available right from the start. 

Thus, when you accelerate your car and take off, much more power and strain are being placed on its tires.  

In some instances, drivers wear out their tires quicker due to being too aggressive during acceleration

When this occurs, the rubber material is literally shaved off the tire surface, resulting in the tires wearing out much faster.  

With some Tesla vehicles, premature tire wear is attributed to regeneration, which produces a large load of pressure applied to the tires.

Can I Put Any Tires on a Tesla?

Theoretically, so long as a tire will fit your Tesla, you can have any type of tire installed on your vehicle.  However, there are more than enough reasons why you should not adopt this strategy.

First, Tesla makes sure its tires are of much better quality than those you would find displayed in your local store or auto shop.  

Since the company chooses only premium versions of standard tires and then modifies them here and there to company standards, you’ll usually get a high-quality tire that will deliver better on-road performance in the long run.

When compared to the cheap tires many drivers place on their vehicles, Tesla tires have been shown to have better stopping power, anti-slip properties, puncture resistance, pressure retention, and grip than most standard tires.  

Should you live in an area where you will be doing plenty of driving in winter weather, you’ll need each of these qualities to keep your car from sliding on snow and ice.

Last but not least, especially for your wallet, you’ll save money by using only Tesla tires on your vehicle. 

Though you’ll pay more for the special tires, you won’t save any money buying cheap tires that wear out quickly and may lead to handling and other issues with your Tesla.

How Long Do Tesla Tires Last?

After wondering are Tesla tires different and questioning if there really is any difference between Tesla tires and conventional tires, the main question on your mind concerns how long Tesla tires actually last once the rubber meets the road. 

Unfortunately, the answer may in some ways leave you with a few questions!

According to Tesla, the tires that are installed on vehicles from the factory are expected to last 30,000 miles.

That said, many Tesla owners have reported their tires maintaining excellent tread at 40,000 miles or beyond.  

On average, your Tesla tires should last from 20,000-40,000 miles under normal driving conditions.

If you want your tires to last as long as possible, you’ll need to do most of your driving on roads that are well-paved and free of dirt and gravel as much as possible. 

Also, you’ll need to exercise self-control and use only mild acceleration with your Tesla, since the instant torque and regeneration with your car puts extra strain on the tires.

To keep your tires from wearing out prematurely and also ensure your Tesla handles as well as possible on the road, don’t forget about the importance of regular tire rotation

If you let this slide, you’ll probably wind up with front tires that wear out much faster than your rear tires.  

When this happens, you may wind up having to buy an entire set of new tires, since it will be impossible to rotate the current tires in a way that will make your driving safe.

To maintain your tires in the best manner, plan on sticking to Tesla’s recommended maintenance schedule and have your tires rotated after every 6,250 miles. 

Also, should your tire tread depth be 2/32 of an inch or less, rotate your tires or buy new ones.

Are There Disadvantages to Tesla Tires?

Though not many, there are a few potential disadvantages regarding Tesla tires. 

The most common one involves those who own AWD Tesla vehicles and live in areas where they will be driving primarily on dirt and gravel roads. In these situations, tire selection may be very limited.

Also, like many conventional sedans on the road today, Tesla does not offer flat-run tires on its vehicles.  

Although Tesla tires are well-made and very puncture-resistant, you are not 100% guaranteed that you will not suffer a blowout due to a freakish event.  

For cars that have flat-run tires, the tires are constructed so that you can still drive on a flat tire, at least enough to get to a safe spot while maintaining control of your vehicle and keeping the rim damage-free.  

Should your Tesla tire get punctured, your only option is to pull over, call roadside assistance, and wait to be towed.

Doesn’t My Tesla have a Spare Tire?

Unfortunately, spare tires in almost all vehicles, standard and electric, have gone the way of the dinosaur and become extinct.  

While standard cars originally always came with a full-size spare and then later on with the always-popular “donut” spare tire, most automakers discontinued the spare tire as a way to save money and in response to today’s tires being constructed to withstand most punctures.

If you want added peace of mind while driving your Tesla, the company does offer a tire inflator kit and repair kit on its website. Costing around $75, it will let you do just enough to patch your tire and get to a service shop.

Since you will be paying close attention to the other aspects of your Tesla, it makes sense to do the same with your tires. 

Along with keeping you safe on the road, you’ll also save money and feel more confident when behind the wheel.

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