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Can Tesla Vehicles Use Other Charging Stations?

Can Tesla Vehicles Use Other Charging Stations?

As electric vehicles gain more and more popularity across the world, many people are choosing  Teslas.

But as it is with many electric vehicles, the question of getting it charged quickly and conveniently always comes up. 

If you’re curious as to whether or not you can charge a Tesla at a non-Tesla charging station, we’ve got the facts you need to know.

If you need to charge your Tesla, you can charge up at any electric vehicle charging station using the Tesla adapter cables. Tesla Supercharger stations are only able to accommodate Tesla vehicles, so other electric vehicles cannot use Tesla charging stations.

When Tesla vehicles first arrived on the scene, one of the biggest marketing advantages for the company was that it could highlight its exclusive network of charging stations, meaning Tesla drivers would never have to worry about finding themselves with a car that was out of energy. 

However, we also know that there may be times now and then when a Tesla charging station is nowhere around. 

Fortunately, Tesla has you covered, rain or shine.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Tesla at a Non-Tesla Station?

If there is one question we know you have on your mind, it’s wondering just how long does it take to charge a Tesla at a non-Tesla station? To answer this question, we need to give you a basic understanding of the different levels of charging electric vehicles. 

At Level 1, this means you are using a standard 120V outlet, which will take 20-40 hours for your Tesla to be fully charged. 

In contrast, when you do a Level 3 charging and use a Supercharger station to get your Tesla back on the road, it can take as little as 15 minutes to give your Tesla a 200-mile range

As for using a non-Tesla station, the charging time falls somewhere in the middle. 

Referred to as Level 2 AC, using a third-party charging station will generally take you anywhere from 8-12 hours to achieve the same charge as that you would get from a Supercharger station. 

Because of the vast difference, we recommend you take full advantage of the Tesla app or your vehicle’s built-in trip planner to always search for the closest Supercharger stations.

When using the trip planner, you will not only find out the location of the nearest Supercharger station, but also the availability of stalls and their current output. 

As an added convenience, we like that the Tesla planner has been designed so that you are automatically routed from Supercharger to Supercharger on your way to your final destination. 

If you are still concerned about finding a Supercharger station near you, consider that Tesla owns and operates over 25,000 global Supercharger stations around the world that are accessible 24/7. 

In addition, Tesla has a Destination Charging network

Composed of more than 4,500 charging stations, these can be found at many of the world’s most popular restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other destinations.

Can You Charge a Tesla at Electrify America?

If you know anything at all about electric vehicles, you’ve probably heard of Electrify America

A company that owns over 600 charging stations across the United States, these stations provide almost 3,000 individual charging stalls. 

Should you find yourself out of range of a Supercharger station but close to an Electrify America charging station, we have good news for you in that you can pull in and get a boost of energy for your Tesla. 

However, your Tesla will not charge up as quickly as it would at a Supercharger station, and you will need to use an adapter

The adapter, known as a CHAdeMO adapter, will cost you about $400 and is available for purchase on the Tesla website. 

While you can get an aftermarket adapter at a cheaper price, we don’t recommend doing so. 

Since it won’t have an approved Tesla warranty, you are risking causing damage to your Tesla should the adapter not be up to par. 

How Will I Know How Long to Charge My Tesla?

Since charging times can vary depending on whether you use a Supercharger station or a third-party station, we have a tip to help you know how long you will need to charge your Tesla prior to beginning your trip.

By using the Go Anywhere tool offered by Tesla, you can plan your future road trips and have peace of mind along the way. 

By simply selecting the configuration of your vehicle and the locations where you will start and end your trip, Go Anywhere can give you the quickest route, highlight Supercharger stations along the way, and even recommend how long you will need to charge your vehicle.

Is Charging Electric Cars Getting Easier?

While you may think charging an electric vehicle such as a Tesla is hard, we can say it’s actually much easier than you think, and it is poised to get much easier in the coming years. 

When you think about it, it stands to reason that if all gas-powered cars can be filled up at any gas station, the same should hold true for electric vehicles and charging stations.

However, the industry currently has vehicles that use different types of plugs, and some stations are made to work only with certain brands of cars. 

Later this year, Tesla is expected to configure its Supercharger stations to work with other brands of electric vehicles, setting the stage for what we hope will be a game-changer in the quest to incentivize buyers to purchase electric rather than gas-powered vehicles.

In the electric vehicle industry, it’s all about innovation and marketing. 

When we look at Tesla and how far it has come and brought other auto manufacturers along for the ride, we are convinced the best is yet to come for you and your electric vehicle.

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