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3 Nissan Intelligent Key Problems To Be Aware Of

3 Nissan Intelligent Key Problems To Be Aware Of

Nissan Intelligent key problems? Nissan keys can cause some technology issues with your vehicle, though fixes are possible.

Smart keys provide some great features for your Nissan. These are balanced with potential issues from electronics within your key that are meant to do the communicating.

Issues with Nissan Intelligent keys include random disconnection, push button start hiccups, and the Intelligent system accidentally locking your keys in the car.

While only dealers can fix the locking issues, it is possible to fix the other problems on your own through reprogramming.

We’ll go through individual problems step by step and explain what would be happening, in addition to how to potentially fix them.

Electronics can be cumbersome, but we are here to help make your Nissan key work properly again.

We have experience working within a service department and helping customers understand key fob problems.

We also know just where to find information about what to do about key fob problems, including Nissan resources and other online reputable info sources.

What is the Nissan Intelligent Key System Supposed to Do?

The Nissan Intelligent key system has similar abilities to other key systems.

With a Nissan Intelligent key, a Nissan driver should be able to perform a remote lock or unlock, in addition to remotely starting a vehicle, providing a keyless start.

All of this is done via antennas and transmitters located in each door handle as well as the trunk.


What Problems Does the Nissan Intelligent Key System Have?

Push Button Start Doesn’t Work

Push button start is a great feature that lets you keep your keys in your pocket, purse, or anywhere within a few feet of the ignition.

Unfortunately, it’s also common to experience small issues making push button start work.

Reprogram Your Nissan Intelligent Key

One of the first actions you can take when push button start doesn’t work is to reprogram your key to your particular Nissan.

A Nissan dealership offers an excellent explanation how to do this here, and we’ll summarize.

  1. Get in the car
  2. Lock the doors
  3. Insert the key into the ignition without starting the car and remove it repeatedly until the hazards flash twice. This process can take as few as 6 removals and as many as 10.
  4. Put the key back in the ignition and turn, but don’t start the car. Electronics should turn on, then promptly press any button on the key.
  5. Get out of the car with the key, and test the key fob’s buttons a little further away. Try setting off the horn, and unlocking or locking the car.

You should be done!

Low Battery on Nissan Intelligent Key

While this isn’t necessarily a problem exclusive to Nissan’s keys, low batteries in a key fob can make them work less often.

Thankfully, after reprogramming your key fob, this is one of the easiest problems to fix.

Most Nissan Intelligent Key fobs take a CR2032 battery, which is actually just a small battery often used to power a watch or a reading light.

These can be purchased inexpensively at many retail stores. You’ll also need a small screwdriver, probably a flathead.

The screwdriver is useful both to help get the back of the key fob open, and to remove the old battery easily without digging in with your fingernails.

If you’ve installed a new battery in your Nissan key fob and it still isn’t working right and you’ve reprogrammed, read on. Hopefully, you’ll find something that works.

Note that after changing out the key fob, you may have to reprogram the key anyway, as it’s possible that the keys may come unpaired.

Issues With Locking Doors

This problem became known enough to warrant a NHTSA complaint.

One of the many functions of the Nissan Intelligent Key is to prevent the passengers from locking the vehicle from the outside when keys are left in the car.

Unfortunately, there are issues with the radar system used and some drivers found that the doors could lock automatically with a key FOB present inside.

This poses an issue for generally locking keys in your car, especially because children who cannot unlock the door could get locked in by accident, even in the short time needed to get out and open their door.

Call your Nissan dealer to see if this issue applies to your vehicle, or enter your VIN into the NHTSA website here.

A Total Reset for Your Nissan Intelligent Key

Some Nissan drivers reported major issues making all the keys on their key fob working, though some select buttons would get the vehicle started and the trunk open sometimes.

One fix was to disconnect the Nissan’s battery, put the key in the car with the doors opened or unlocked, wait 10 minutes, then connect the battery again.

It’s believed that this process resets the internal electronics and allows the Nissan to freshly hunt for a key fob and make a connection.

You’ll need to reset your radio favorites, but that’s a small price to pay for a working key fob.

When To Take Your Nissan Intelligent Key To A Dealer

If you’ve tried reprogramming your key and replacing the batteries, it might be time to find an expert at a Nissan dealership.

Taking your Nissan and key to the dealership is an especially good idea if your Nissan is still under warranty.

The Nissan warranty should cover the equipment and labor necessary, plus the technicians might be able to teach you a thing or two about your key, for free, if under warranty.

The only downsides to going to a dealership are the possibility of spending some time there, and the potential need to pay for a fix to your key.

Of course, they’ll also troubleshoot your key to see the problem, and hopefully, explain what you can do if you are out of warranty.

Summing Up Nissan Intelligent Key Issues

There are a few common Nissan Intelligent key issues that can arise, like random disconnection and accidentally locking your keys inside the car. Hopefully, some of these fixes allow you to repair the problem without having any other issues.

If the issue is still not fixed, however, you will have to contact Nissan and get them to fix the fob or car itself.

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