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Can You Use Fairy Liquid to Wash Your Car?

Can You Use Fairy Liquid to Wash Your Car?

Fairy liquid is a type of washing-up liquid commonly sold in the UK. 

If your vehicle is separately in need of a wash, you may find yourself wondering if it’s ok to use Fairy Liquid to wash your car.

Although it is not your best option, you can use a highly diluted form of Fairy Liquid to wash a car. A dedicated car-washing liquid is a far better choice as it does not contain ammonia and other strong chemicals often found in dish soaps that can damage a car’s paint. 

While excellent at cleaning dishes, the strong chemicals found in dish soaps can be incredibly harsh on the exterior of your car! 

However, if you find yourself in a pinch, you can make do with Fairy Liquid. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Wash Your Car With Fairy Liquid?

You may use Fairy Liquid to clean your car. But, you’ve got to be careful while you’re doing it. Otherwise, your paint might not stay on the car for much longer.

The chemicals inside Fairy liquid are strong enough to strip the paint off of many cars. Sometimes, your car will have a protective coat, shielding it from harsh chemicals.

If yours has a protective layer, then you can probably use Fairy Liquid without any problems. It should prevent the soap from eating into the paint too much.

However, you shouldn’t make it a habit as you’ll likely strip the paint at some point. 

Using a dedicated car-wash product tends to be better because they’re not as harsh.

If you use Fairy Liquid, be careful when you’re washing the car. You can prevent most issues with the careful application of the soap.

Don’t use much of it at once. Instead, try measuring a thimble full and mixing it with a bucket of water. 

Concentrated cleaning products usually need to be diluted before using them on paint.

Also, remember to wash it off the car quickly after applying it. 

That’s going to help prevent the soap from lingering long enough to cause damage. Getting the soap off quickly should help protect your paint, so it doesn’t get stripped. 

What Liquid Can I Use to Wash My Car?

Dedicated car-wash products tend to be best. They’re designed to be compatible with your car’s paint. 

Car paint has a special ratio of chemicals in it. So, it can be more vulnerable to harsh chemicals than other types of paint.

Go to your nearest auto store and look around for Usually, they’ve got several different brands available. 

Look at their whole selection to see what they’ve got. Some of their products also include wax. So, you’ll be able to wash and wax your car at the same time.

Pick one that’s not going to cause any damage to your car’s paint. Normally, all the ones they’ve got in stock should be relatively mild.

At home, mix the product with some water. Take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe off the outside of your car. 

Using one of these liquids should help remove grime, stuck on your car.

Remember to wash the car off quickly. The longer any liquid is on it, the more damage it can do to its paint. 

Washing it off quickly removes any lingering soap that might cause it damage.

After you’ve washed it off, you can begin drying it. Grab a completely dry towel from somewhere inside your house. 

Rub your car with it until it’s bone dry. You might need to use more than one towel to get all the water off. 

Continue using more towels until there’s nothing left on the car.

At this point, you can begin applying wax if you’d like a shiny finish. Applying wax should not be done in the sun. It can also take quite a while to do.

Using a sponge, apply a thin coat of wax over the entire car. Most waxes change color once they’ve dried. 

Look for patches of off-white wax on the car after you’ve applied a coat. Scrub them off using a microfiber brush.

You’ll need to apply a little pressure, but you should be careful not to scratch the car. 

How to Wash Your Car Safely

Always use products that were designed to be used on cars.

Sticking with them is going to help prevent you from damaging your car while washing it.

It is possible to use Fairy Liquid to clean a car, but you’ve got to be careful. Using too much of it could strip the paint off your vehicle. 

Only use it after it’s been diluted with enough water.

That can help lower the concentration of its cleaning chemicals, making it safe for your car.

It would be better if you just used dedicated car-wash products. They’re meant to wash your car without stripping its paint.

You can find them online, or you could go to an auto parts store. 

Both would have some in their inventory.

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