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Does AutoZone Change Headlights?

Does AutoZone Change Headlights?

Most motorists underestimate the importance of having the proper headlights on their cars.

As a result, the number of drivers having either dim or over bright headlights on our roads calls for concern. Additionally, some cars have broken headlights, and the owners have to replace them. 

If you fall in this category, you may be wondering whether AutoZone changes headlights. Here’s the answer.

AutoZone doesn’t offer mechanic services at any of their stores, so not all stores can change out headlights for you, especially if it involves complicated work like disassembling multiple parts to access the bulb.

Therefore, the decision to change your headlights rests solely on the specific store you’re at, your car, and the complexity of the task.

Does AutoZone Change Headlight Bulbs?

AutoZone will only change your headlight bulb if it doesn’t include disassembling other car parts

In other words, the company will only change burnt-out or incorrect headlight bulbs on the condition that you bought the replacement from them, and the headlight set doesn’t need any disassembly. 

As such, the company only assists with easy installations and isn’t a replacement for professional mechanics.

Overall, its stand is that its employees won’t disassemble your vehicle to install any device or component. 

Do All AutoZone Stores Change Headlights?

No. AutoZone leaves the decision to change headlights to individual stores. 

The more than 6,400 stores spread across the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands have different policies regarding their installation services. 

One store may offer headlight installation as an additional service, while others may not.

However, all stores offer professional advice on the type, installation, quality, and pricing of most headlights. 

What’s the Cost to Change a Headlight?

Cost is an important consideration when changing or modifying any part of your vehicle. However, a dilemma with headlights arises when relating the purchase cost to the quality of your product.

And currently, the automobile market is full of headlights such as halogen, HID/ Xenon, laser, and LED lights.  

And here are two things to consider when changing headlights:

  • Cost of the headlight assembly
  • Labor costs to change the headlight assembly

Cost of the Headlight Assembly

Headlights have become integral to modern vehicles’ electronic and intelligence systems.

Hence, their complexity and subsequent costs vary with the car’s year, make, and model. 

Additionally, the average cost of replacing HID or LED headlights tends to be higher than that of halogen headlamp assemblies.

But generally, replacing headlights costs anywhere between $250 and $700. 

However, headlight assemblies have diverse price tags, with some being as cheap as $40, whereas others cost close to $500 or even more.

For example, a sealed headlight set can cost $50, while the higher-end laser headlight assembly can cost $1,500. 

Let’s look at the average replacement costs of various headlight assemblies.

Halogen Headlight Assembly

Halogen headlights are relatively cheaper than other headlight assemblies, with their high-end versions costing upwards of $555.

On the lower end, these headlights cost as little as $10 per assembly. They last around 850 hours, are cheap to buy, and are easy to replace. 

Halo Headlight Assembly

Most car manufacturers opt for Halo LED headlights over halogen headlights due to their flexibility in styling, shaping, improved light output, and lesser power consumption.

Here, the average cost is $1,300, with the higher and lower end estimates being $2,480 and $65, respectively.

Switchback Headlight Assembly

Another headlight assembly with LED lights is the switchback assembly. It supports white and amber, the two legal headlight colors locally.

Here, the average cost is $721, with the higher and lower end estimates being $1,090 and $352, respectively.

Projector Headlight Assembly

The projector headlight assembly directs light on the road using a special shield. They’re versatile and come with LED, halogen, or HID lightbulbs.

Here, the average cost is $790, with the higher-end and lower-end purchase estimates being $1,550 and $30, respectively.

Reflector Headlight Assembly

Though marginally similar to projector headlights, reflector assemblies project light to a larger road area but are not as focused as the former.

Their average cost is $688, with the higher-end and lower-end buying prices being $1,350 and $27, respectively.

Labor Costs to Change the Headlight Assembly

Labor costs to change your headlight assembly will vary depending on the complexity of the change, the technology involved, and the time spent.

Generally, most repair shops will charge you around $100 to change a single HID bulb and lesser for a halogen bulb. 

However, you’ll spend $250 to $700 if you need to change or replace the whole headlight assembly. 

How to Change Your Car’s Headlight Bulbs

As we’ve seen, AutoZone often won’t change your vehicle’s headlights under certain conditions, giving you an excellent opportunity to do so yourself. 

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Headlight bulbs
  • Screwdriver and ratchet
  • Safety gloves

General Steps to Follow When Installing Headlight Bulbs

  • Identify the low and high beam placements

Most cars have separate bulbs for the low and high beams, whereas some use one bulb for both.

Upon inspecting your headlight assembly, look for the bulb on the outside, as that’s the low beam one.

The one on the inside is the high beam bulb. If you’re unsure, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual. 

  • Access the light bulbs

Accessing the light bulbs varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Some are in removable and easily accessible assemblies that’ll pop out after removing a few screws.

If yours falls in this category, you can consult an AutoZone employee to aid you with the installation. 

However, you can only access some headlight bulbs through the wheel well after pulling the wheel arch back.

These are not easy to access, and if you’re in doubt, consult an auto repair shop first.  

  • Remove the plug

Next, use a screwdriver to remove the bulb’s plug, which can be stiff sometimes in older cars. Consequently, it would help if you are careful not to damage the assembly. 

  • Remove the old bulb

Grab the bulb casing and rotate it counter-clockwise. Next, pull it straight out when you feel that it’s loose enough to do so.

  • Install and test the new bulb

If your vehicle uses different low and high beam bulbs, consult an AutoZone employee or associate to help you figure out the correct set-up.

To install the bulbs, line up the tabs and rotate the bulb clockwise until you hear a click. 

Next, it’s time to test the headlights. To do so, turn them on and cycle through low and high beams to ensure both work accordingly.

Final Remarks on If AutoZone Changes Headlights

AutoZone has headlight bulbs that fit more than 90% of vehicles on our roads. As a result, you’ll have a wide range of options for your liking, style, and safety.

If you buy from them, take time to consult on the best pairing for your vehicle and the steps you should take during installation.

If it’s an easy installation, they may be willing to help. 

Additionally, replace both bulbs simultaneously, even when one is still working, to give you even lighting while you’re on the road. 

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