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Do Teslas Come With A Charger?

Do Teslas Come With A Charger?

When paying for a new Tesla, you might wonder whether it comes with a charger too. This will depend on the vehicle type and when you bought it. 

Charging and vehicle range is a big concern for many Tesla drivers. The key is to find the right charger for your driving needs, but this has become another added expense for Tesla owners to consider. 

Teslas do not come with a charger included at purchase, as they were deemed a waste based on customer usage. The growth of the Supercharger around the world has led to less users needing the mobile connector charger. You can still buy them separately for a discounted price. 

Tesla’s decision to exclude a charger from their cars is controversial, but it does make sense from a business perspective. There are also multiple charger types that you can use including a wall charger, mobile charger, or supercharger stations.

This guide explains more about why Teslas do not come with a charger. 

Do Teslas Come With A Charger?

Tesla is making it difficult for their customers to charge their vehicles by not including a charger and adapter with the purchase of their cars.

All Tesla vehicle purchases no longer include home chargers or adapters. You must buy them separately to charge your vehicle.

This means that Tesla owners must purchase a charger at their own expense. This has been a controversial change to company policy, with many customers upset about the need to make a separate purchase. 

Tesla cars are designed to be charged at home. However, it does not come with a charger included in the purchase price, so it may be necessary to purchase one separately.

Tesla Chargers

What Are The Different Types Of Tesla Chargers?

Tesla is one of the most popular electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. Its products are known for their high-tech features and sleek design.

Tesla chargers are used to charge these electric cars fast and can be bought online or at any authorized Tesla retailer. You will also find many charging stations around the world too.

The company also has a reputation for being environmentally friendly and innovative. There are three charger types that you can buy for your vehicle depending on the type of charge you need. 

Level 1 Charger

Many of the mobile connector chargers fall under this category because they are intended for quick charges rather than trying to get a full charge. The charge time is slower too.

You can expect it to take almost four full days to charge your Tesla from empty to full using a level 1 charger. 

Level 2 Charger

The Tesla Level 2 Charger is an alternative to the standard mobile charging connector for your Tesla vehicle. It only takes between 6-30 hours to charge your vehicle from an empty to a full charge.

It can charge your car in less time than the standard charger, so you won’t have to wait as long to get back on the road. This is a 240V charger that can be both a mobile connector or wall connector. 

You can expect to get 9-52 miles of range per hour of charging with a level 2 charger too. 

Level 3 Charger

A level 3 Tesla charger is the most powerful and you will find these around the world at Supercharger locations. 

This charger takes only 30 minutes to give you 170 miles in range. This assumes you have an empty charge when getting to the Supercharger location too. 

Why Did Tesla Stop Including Chargers With New Cars?

Tesla announced that they would stop including chargers with new cars. This decision was made to help reduce the cost of Tesla cars and eliminate waste.

Elon Musk announced they saw the usage of these mobile connector bundles to be extremely low. This is because many drivers use the Supercharger stations instead of charging at home. 

The decision to stop including these chargers also led to a price decrease, so buying them separately is not such a burden on customers. The price drop was $75, making them cost about $200 now. 

They also believe that charging stations will continue to become more common as EVs gain traction.

Where Can You Buy A Tesla Charger?

Tesla chargers are an essential part of the Tesla experience, but it is best to only buy them directly from Tesla. Purchasing a charger from a third party can result in poor quality and potentially dangerous chargers.

Tesla has made it clear that they will not honor warranties for third-party chargers, including warranty claims for damage caused by using a non-Tesla charger.

These chargers are expensive, but they are worth considering their durability and safety features. They have been rated as the most reliable car charger on the market.

Tesla Wall Connector Vs. Mobile Connector Charger

The Tesla wall connector charger requires installation at your home and will cost a bit more to install. This differs from the mobile connector charger, but you can expect much faster charging times. 

The Tesla Wall Connector Charger provides the fastest charging speeds of the two charger types that are currently available and has the longest range of all chargers on the market.

The Tesla wall connector charger can be installed at your home, office, or any location where you park your car often. 

When you compare this charger to the mobile connector, you notice faster speeds but this does not make it the better choice. The mobile connector charger is much cheaper and works well for most drivers.

It will give you plenty of range from an overnight charge to getting you through your day. But if you are looking to go on a long trip often, it is best to use a wall connector charger. 

Summing Up if Teslas Come With Chargers

Teslas no longer come with chargers when you purchase a Tesla vehicle. You have to buy them separately, or use one of the Supercharger stations located in many areas in order to charge your vehicle.

Make sure you research which charger you need and buy it accordingly if you need it!

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