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Best Tailgate Locks (Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide)

Best Tailgate Locks (Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide)

You may be asking yourself whether you need a lock for your tailgate, of course, they just look like simple locks that you can find in your garage, right? Wrong. A tailgate lock will properly secure your tailgate and its contents.

Tailgate locks work to secure your tailgate safely for long periods of time with durable designs and hard to break locking systems that only you can unlock. These can help you keep not only your tailgate secured, but all of the contents of your tailgate and truck bed from being stolen.

What’s a couple of bucks when it could potentially save you thousands in replacement fees? Tailgates are prime targets for theft and burglaries, so you will want to find a way of keeping them secured for as long as possible.

You cannot put a price on the valuables you could lose, but you can put a price on an affordable locking mechanism for your tailgate.

If you have a truck with a tailgate, then you will want to purchase one of the best locks you can find. Luckily we have searched the internet for the best tailgate locks available for you right now.

Best Overall: McGard 76029 Tailgate Lock

If you are in a rush to get your tailgate locked down and secured, then we have the solution. Save time reading and see our best pick right here.

Our top tailgate lock is by far the McGard 76029 Tailgate Lock. This tailgate lock is a firm favorite in users across the world. 

The McGard Tailgate Lock is designed to protect your tailgate from theft with a durable, strong, stainless steel construction for a fraction of the cost of competitor locks. For simple and effective tailgate security, this lock is the one for you.

The McGard Tailgate lock is manufactured from lightweight but powerful stainless steel and polycarbonate for a long lasting lock that you can rely on.

With easy installation, and simple to follow instructions, this lock can be fitted to your tailgate in just a few minutes!

What is great about this tailgate lock is that you never have to struggle to remove it to open or close your tailgate lock.

The manual locking system is easy to work, but keeps your belongings secure from thieves or intruders.

Best Tailgate Locks

1. McGard 76029 Tailgate Lock

McGard Premium Pick-up Truck Tailgate Lock

If you are looking for one of the most popular tailgate locks on the market, then you are in the right place, the McGard 76029 Tailgate Lock will keep your tailgate perfectly safe and secure for a fraction of the cost of competitor locks.

This particular model is made from stainless steel for a long lasting solution that protects your tailgate from theft.

This is designed for people who regularly use their truck bed, the lock never needs to be removed in order to open or close the tailgate for simple and effective tailgate security. 

This product is manufactured from strong, durable and lightweight stainless steel and polycarbonate for your convenience. You will want to choose this option for simple, cost efficient, effective tailgate security.

The McGard tailgate lock comes with 1 manual key, and can be trimmed or adjusted to fit your particular truck tailgate requirements for easy installation. 


  • Comes with 1 key
  • Made of sturdy metal
  • Manual locking system
  • Protects your tailgate
  • Long lasting design
  • Durable
  • Fits most pickup trucks
  • Size can be adjusted


  • Has no spare key

2. Pop & Lock PL9900 Black Tailgate Collar Lock

Pop & Lock PL9900 Universal Black Tailgate Collar Lock

Pop and Lock is one of the most favored tailgate lock manufacturers today.

With powerful and durable locking systems and a brand that you can rely one, Pop and Lock deliver the results every time.

This product is called The Gate Defender, and it certainly lives up to its name, as a reliable means of locking your tailgate.

With easy, do it yourself installation, this tailgate lock will be simple to fit in just a few seconds, and will protect your tailgate for the years to come. 

Replacement tailgates can cost in excess thousands of dollars due to today’s market, and the valuables you lost inside, you just cannot put a price on.

With this Pop and Lock tailgate lock, you can rest assured that your possessions are protected, secured and safe.

This tailgate lock comes with 2 keys for your convenience, and works with a manual locking system. 

For a tailgate lock that protects your valuables, keeps your tailgate secure and is made of long lasting materials, you will want to invest in the Pop and Lock Black Collar Tailgate Lock.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Universal design and fit
  • Installs in seconds
  • Made of a combination of metal and plastic
  • No tools required
  • Durable design
  • Fits onto tailgate hinge to prevent opening by intruders


  • Cannot be unlocked with power locking system- only manual keys

3. Pop & Lock PL1100 Black Manual Tailgate Lock

Pop & Lock – Manual Tailgate Lock for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra

If you are in search of a reliable and strong lock for your truck’s tailgate, then you are in the right place.

Pop and Lock are one of the world’s leaders in tailgate lock manufacturing and offer a wide variety of locks to suit your needs. 

With this Pop and Lock Black Manual Tailgate lock, you will have a sturdy lock with a metal construction and long lasting security so that your tailgate and its contents will be safe and secure at all times. 

This Pop & Lock tailgate lock helps to prevent your tailgate or any of its contents from being lost or stolen.

With an easy do it yourself installation method, you can protect your belongings in just a few seconds. 

With Pop and Lock you are always assured with a 1 year warranty and a brand that you can rely on.

This manual tailgate lock also comes with 2 keys for your convenience, so that you do not have to worry too much if you lose one! 

This particular Pop and Lock tailgate lock is designed to fit a Chevy or GMC, but with Pop and Lock, you have tailgate locks available in hundreds of different truck models with easy application and the best results.


  • Manual Lock
  • Metal construction
  • Durable
  • Long lasting locking system
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Can be fitted in under 10 minutes


  • Expensive

4. Master Lock Tailgate Lock

Master Lock Tailgate Lock, Stainless Steel, 8253DAT

For a super strong, reliable and powerful tailgate truck, look no further than the Master Lock Tailgate Lock. 

This type of tailgate lock fits a variety of different vehicle models including Ford, GM, Dodge and Toyota trucks.

With a durable design, stainless steel body and keyway cover, you can protect your possessions and your tailgate.

The materials used on this tailgate lock are long lasting and dependable. This product also  features a lock mechanism cover that protects the lock from damage and corrosion after extensive use, for long lasting security that you can depend on. 

This Master Lock tailgate lock offers simple ease of use, with a model that installs in just minutes without having to remove the tailgate on your truck. 

This tailgate is specifically designed to lock over the hinge that is cut out for tailgate removal, which makes theft nearly impossible. 


  • Theft deterrent
  • Easy to install quickly
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Manual tailgate lock
  • Durable design
  • Protects lock from damage or corrosion


  • Will have to ensure it is installed properly- make sure the lock is fitted tightly to the tailgate to prevent theft.

5. Pop and Lock PL8535 Power Tailgate Lock- Toyota Tundra

POP & Lock – Power Tailgate Lock for Toyota Tundra

If you would prefer to try a tailgate lock with its own power locking system, then you are in luck. Pop and Lock have a wide variety of power lock tailgate locks along with the manual ones. 

This particular model is manufactured for a Toyota Tundra for example, but Pop and Lock offer a wide range of power locking system tailgate locks for your convenience. This way you can easily find one that suits the needs of your vehicle. 

Despite featuring a power lock design, this lock is no more difficult to install than the manual locks. With easy and simple installation and instructions, you can have this tailgate lock fitted in no time. 

The sleek, durable design lives up to the Pop and Lock name, with a product that is sure to last even longer than your truck does!

This lock can be connected to your specific vehicle’s locking system so that you never have to worry about forgetting to lock your tailgate again. 

With the click of the lock button on your car keys, you can lock this baby up in seconds. 


  • Power locking system
  • Easy installation
  • Durable design
  • Can be attached to your vehicles locking system
  • Protects your tailgate 
  • Long lasting materials


  • Only fits Toyota Tundra- but can be purchased in other models
  • Power locking is much more expensive than manual

Buyer’s Guide

What to look for in a good tailgate lock

When purchasing a lock for your tailgate, there are a few things you should always consider in order to make sure that you have the right tailgate lock for your needs.

First and foremost, you will need to purchase a tailgate lock with a strong and durable material so that you can rely upon them. The tailgate lock should be long lasting and able to protect any assets or possessions kept locked away.

To ensure that your tailgate is secured at all times, then you will need a durable lock that can withstand weather, use, and any damage.

Some locks are stronger and more long lasting as they will be made of stainless steel or metal, whereas others will be cheaper but will be made from ABS plastic that is not as durable.

When looking for a lock for your tailgate, you will need to check whether it fits the dimensions of your truck.

Although some locks claim to fit universal tailgates, you may find they will be a tight fit once purchased. 

With Amazon, you can input your vehicle year, make, and model to check that each tailgate item fits perfectly. This will ensure that your lock is fitted properly to help protect your possessions.

Some tailgate locks are called universal locks that will fit most standard sizes. On the other hand, you can purchase custom sized locks that are manufactured with a specific make and model vehicle in mind. 

Universal locks are easier and cheaper to purchase, and are easily available to buy, whereas custom locks tend to be a little more expensive.

When purchasing a tailgate lock, you will also have to consider the type of lock it uses. You can buy tailgate locks with a power lock or a manual lock depending on your preference and specific needs. 

A powerlock features an automatic system that means you do not have to lock the tailgate yourself.

This works in conjunction with your vehicle’s locking system so that whenever you lock or unlock your truck with your keys, you can secure the truck bed and the tailgate at the same time.

This can save you a lot of time, and prevents you from forgetting to lock your tailgate system.

However, not all vehicles have a power locking system, in which case you will need a manual lock. These tailgate locks will need a key or an extra mode of unlocking that only you can do.

In addition, when buying a tailgate lock you will have to think about how you will install the lock.

No one wants to spend hours trying to work out a confusing instruction manual, and struggle to fix the lock properly to your vehicle.

You will want to purchase a tailgate lock that is easy to install and can be fitted in minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tailgate?

In the simplest of terms, a tailgate is the part of a truck or vehicle that gives access to the rear storage compartment.

A tailgate is generally hinged at the bottom, and is used on bigger vehicles such as trucks, wagons, pickup trucks, SUVs or vans.

Why do I need a tailgate lock?

Larger vehicles such as vans or trucks are often targeted because they can be used to carry tools, and equipment that can be very valuable.

Tailgate vehicles are often selected for theft or robberies and can be easier for intruders to get into.

Tailgates can also be removed with little or no tools, which makes them easy for thieves to break into. This is why it is far beneficial to purchase a lock for your tailgate to prevent any loss or damages to your property.

A lock also works as a deterrent for thieves, as it may make the process too difficult to bother stealing. 

How do I tell if a tailgate lock will fit my truck?

When purchasing a tailgate lock, you will have to check if the specifications match that of your truck, vehicle or SUV.

This can be done by checking the item description, or by using Amazon’s search engine. 

There are some locks that offer universal truck or tailgate compatibility, whereas other locks are specifically designed for a certain model or type of truck. 

With Amazon, you can check the particular model you are looking at will fit your car perfectly.

To do this, you must input your vehicle type, model and year in order to check if the tailgate lock will match your truck’s specifications.

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