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6 Reasons Why Your Tesla Battery Is Draining So Fast

6 Reasons Why Your Tesla Battery Is Draining So Fast

Is your Tesla’s battery life not living up to expectations? Discover the top reasons why your battery may be draining quicker than anticipated and how to address them. Dive in to ensure you’re getting the most out of every charge.

Tesla batteries drain fast due to Vampire battery drain, which is caused by many, including poor charging habits or excessive app usage. Some settings like Sentry mode and Smart Summon mode can cause the battery to drain faster too. 

Tesla’s battery is designed to last a long time, but it is not without its faults. Many reasons why the battery drains so fast can be tweaked and fixed with a few simple steps.

This guide will explain why your Tesla battery keeps draining and show you the best ways to avoid it. 

When it drains, you can typically trace back the problem to one setting that should not be on. Keep reading to learn more about this!

Tesla Battery

6 Reasons Why Your Tesla Battery Is Draining So Fast

Tesla’s battery drain is a common issue that most Tesla owners experience. This issue is not just limited to Tesla cars but also affects their other electric vehicles.

The reason for this issue is the high demand for current and the limited capacity of batteries.

Tesla’s battery drain can be fixed by replacing your battery with a newer model or by making some changes to your car’s settings.

Below we have listed six of the most likely reasons why your Tesla battery is draining so fast.

It is critical to identify the problem so you can apply the best fix. 

1. Vampire Battery Drain

Because Tesla cars have many technological components, they are never 100% asleep, even when parked and turned off.

Because of this, something called Vampire battery drain can occur. 

This happens because of the computer systems, motor, lights, and more. This drain can be insignificant, but you can expect to lose at least 1-5 miles per day of driving range. 

It can be even higher if you use more things on the computer.

Vampire battery drain is essentially the idling drain of your battery life caused by a variety of reasons

2. Improper Charging Habits

Tesla owners who have had this issue should try to charge their batteries in a more regular pattern and not leave them plugged in overnight every day.

Tesla also suggests that they should avoid charging their cars with a power strip or an outlet converter, which can cause a lot of heat.

Because of improper charging habits, you can actually overcharge the battery, which will result in it draining too fast. 

3. Idling Application Usage

When you use your Tesla, you are likely using 3rd party apps on the computer system too. But do you close these apps after usage? 

If not, this could be a significant factor in your battery draining so fast. Leaving these apps idle in the background will contribute to more Vampire battery drain when the car is turned off. 

4. Sentry Mode Activation 

Sentry mode is a safety feature that lets you monitor any suspicious activity around the vehicle when you are not there. 

It will even pick up on motion outside and around the car. While this is a helpful feature, many drivers will always leave this on. 

This mode causes a significant battery drain when it is activated. It is best to keep it off and only activate it when needed. 

5. Smart Summon Mode

Smart Summon mode is another feature you can take advantage of with the Tesla, but is it necessary?

This feature is an autopilot capability that lets you call your car to your location.

If you leave this activated at all times, it only makes the battery drain even more, especially when the car is parked. 

You should turn this feature off and only turn it back on when you intend to use it. 

6. Cabin Overheat Protection

Cabin overheat protection is another climate control feature that will keep the cabin of the car cool if it gets too warm.

This may be useful sometimes, but keeping the setting on 24/7 will drain the battery.

Instead, you should only turn it on during hot days and remember to turn it off overnight.

This will help improve battery life and minimize the Vampire drain. 

Tesla Battery

How Do You Stop A Tesla Battery From Draining Fast?

Tesla cars are known for their sleek design, luxurious interior, and incredible performance.

The Tesla battery is also regarded as one of the best batteries on the market, but some Tesla owners have reported that their Tesla battery is draining fast.

We have a few ways you may be able to stop this battery drain and fix the problem below. 

Use Energy Savings

Tesla owners are always looking for ways to save battery life. One way is to use the energy savings mode on your Tesla.

This mode reduces the power that goes into the car’s battery to almost nothing, but it will still allow you to drive at a reduced speed.

Tesla drivers should always turn this mode on when they don’t need all of their car’s power.

Turn Off Smart Preconditioning

If you have a Tesla and have not heard about this, we recommend you turn off Smart Preconditioning to keep your battery healthy and lasting as long as possible.

It is a climate control feature that causes your battery to work harder while the car is in use, but it provides very few benefits.

It is best to turn it off and preserve battery life. 

Close Out Apps

Always close out any third-party apps that you are no longer using. This can go a long way to keeping your battery fresh and charged for longer. 

When you notice a faster drain, look to see if you have any apps open. This is one of the most common issues with Tesla batteries. 

Manually Reboot The Computer

When your Tesla goes through a software update, it often needs a reboot to enforce the new update in the car. 

If this update does not happen, the computer will work harder because of the update and cause the battery to drain faster.

By performing a manual reboot, you can eliminate this issue. 

Tesla Battery

How Much Is A Tesla Battery Replacement?

Tesla batteries are not cheap, and they have a high replacement cost. Your battery will need to be replaced every 8-10 years, depending on how much you drive.

This can vary depending on how much you use your Tesla, where you live, and what weather you experience in your area.

The battery replacement cost is determined by the size of the battery and its state of charge.

Tesla offers a few types of batteries depending on the vehicle mode. Each battery pack has an estimated range of about 100,000 to 150,000 miles before needing replacement.

The cost of replacing the batteries starts at $10,000 but can reach up to $20,000 depending on the model you are getting.

Does The Tesla Battery Drain When Not In Use?

Tesla’s battery drain issue has been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

It’s not a secret that Tesla’s battery has had problems in the past, but what about when the battery isn’t being used? 

When the battery drains while not in use, this is referred to as a Vampire battery drain.

This can result in losing a few miles of battery per day when the car is parked or idle. 

The problem is that Tesla’s batteries do not last as long as they should. They are also draining faster than they should due to a design flaw in the battery pack.

Tesla has been working on improving its battery life and reducing the drain rate by implementing software updates to its cars.

How do I stop my Tesla battery from draining?

While there’s no way to completely prevent some battery loss, here are a few steps that you can follow to help minimize the battery drain in your Tesla.

  1. Avoid leaving your Tesla parked and unattended for long periods of time.
  2. Make sure your Tesla is parked in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Use the Tesla mobile app to monitor battery levels and turn off features like climate control when not in use.
  4. Invest in a battery maintainer to keep your battery consistently charged when not in use.
  5. Minimize trips for short distances as this can cause your battery to drain faster.
  6. Keep your Tesla updated with the latest software updates.
  7. Ensure that your vehicle’s tires are inflated to the proper level.
  8. Reduce the use of high-power accessories like heated seats and sound systems.
  9. Avoid leaving your Tesla plugged in for extended periods of time.

Summing Up Tesla Batteries Draining

Many drivers have complained about their Tesla batteries draining more quickly than they thought, leading them to have to replace the costly piece of equipment earlier on as well.

Most commonly, this is attributed to Vampire drain, which is just a daily drain of the battery, even when the car is idling or not in use. A few other reasons include Sentry mode being activated, or improper charging habits.

Make sure you’re charging your Tesla correctly and closing out the extra apps when you should be!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my Tesla battery is bad?

Your Tesla’s onboard diagnostic system will alert you if there is an issue with your battery. An error code will appear on the dashboard indicating the specific issue.

Additionally, your Tesla will monitor the performance of the battery and alert you if there is any degradation in performance. You can also check the Tesla mobile app or the Tesla website to see the state of charge and range of your battery.

What ruins a Tesla battery?

In general, Tesla batteries can last for hundreds of thousands of miles before they need to be replaced, however, there are a few things that can reduce the battery life of a Tesla: extremes of temperature, rapid charging and discharging, and lack of maintenance.

Additionally, using an aftermarket charger or battery pack can also reduce the battery’s life.

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