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How Much Does a Car Battery Weigh (27 Real-Life Examples)

How Much Does a Car Battery Weigh (27 Real-Life Examples)

A car battery is an integral piece of equipment, so it must be pretty large and heavy right? They are certainly huge compared to your TV remote’s battery! They also weigh a lot more than your remote’s batteries, but they are lighter than you might think.

The average car battery weighs 40 lbs (18 kilograms). An electric car battery weighs about 1,000 lbs or 454 kilograms. You can check your car’s battery weight by looking at the battery’s label or its packaging. Car batteries can be as light as 25 lbs, or as heavy as 1,200 lbs.

We’ll take a look at various types of cars and their battery weight. We’ll also see how battery weight differs between different battery types.

Battery Weight

First off, there are a couple of things to note about battery weight. Usually, the weight can affect your car’s power levels.

As we look at battery types later, you can see how each battery is bigger or smaller depending on the different power levels that are needed. It is also good to know your battery’s weight because it has to be the same size (and sometimes a specific type) if you need to replace it.

If you try to install an incompatible battery, it can really affect your car’s ability to function. Cars are mass-produced, but your Honda Accord has a specific battery that won’t fit in a Honda Civic. Make sure to learn what type of battery you need specifically before going to get a new one.

Even if it’s a hassle, you really can’t drive a car without a battery, so it’s good to know what you’re looking for.

Battery Types

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Batteries

The Starting, Lighting, and Ignition batteries (SLI for short) are your basic battery. Most cars have this type of battery. This battery type provides general power pretty easily. It is also on the heavier side.

Below we have listed a couple of Group 27 Starting batteries from different auto parts stores and their weights:

WalmartAJC Group 27M Deep Cycle SLI Battery66.2 lbs
AutozoneDuralast 27DP-DL Group 27 Starting Marine and RV Battery57.8 lbs
O Reilly AutoSuper Start Marine Battery Group Size 27M50.3 lbs

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion or Li-ion batteries are used more commonly in hybrid vehicles or electric cars. It has a longer battery life and can store a lot more charge.

Below we have listed some batteries from this website and their weight. These batteries for cars are pretty difficult to find and have a wide range of weights.

You’ll probably find a lot of power tool batteries when searching for this one.

12V 75AH Lithium Ion Battery Group 2425 lbs
12V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery Group 8D 72 lbs
12V 150AH Lithium Ion Battery Group 2735 lbs


These batteries are pretty low maintenance but are difficult to have serviced. You will need to replace these if they break.

Below we have listed some Lead-Acid Batteries you can get at Walmart and their various weights.

EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 27DC (12 Volts/750 MCa)50.3 lbs
EverStart Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Battery, Group Size 24DC (12 Volts/690 MCA)45.4 lbs
EverStart Value LEad Acid Automotive Battery, Group Size 65 (12 Volts/650 CCA)47.2 lbs
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group Size 35N (12 Volts/640 CCA) 38.2 lbs
EverStart Lead Acid Marine Starting Battery, Group Size 14MS (12 Volts/625 MCA)39.4 lbs

Enhanced Flooded Battery

The enhanced flooded battery or EFB for short is a little better at performing than the SLI. It has a longer life than the SLI. It is also what has begun to replace the SLI in cars.

Below we have listed some EFB batteries from Autozone and their respective weights.

Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H8-EFB Group Size H8 850 CCA55.9 lbs
Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H6-EFB Group Size H6 750 CCA43.9 lbs
Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H7-EFB Group Size H7 770 CCA47 lbs
Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H5-EFB Group Size H5 650 CCA38 lbs
Duralast Platinum EFB Battery 24F-EFB Group Size 24F 750 CCA45.1 lbs


Finally, the Absorbent Glass Mat battery or AGM for short. This battery is also very similar to the SLI battery.

It has a longer lifespan than the SLI and way better performance. It is made for cars that may demand more of the battery.

This battery is way more popular, and below we have listed a couple of different places that sell this type of battery and its weight.

WalmartEverStart Platinum AGM Battery, Group Size H7 (12 Volts 850 CCA)52 lbs
WalmartOPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive Battery Group Size 3531.7 lbs
NAPANAPA Commercial AGM Battery BCI No. 8D 1450 A Glass Mat163 lbs
NAPANAPA Commercial AGM Battery BCI No. 4D 1110 A Glass Mat133.5 lbs
AutoZoneDuralast Platinum AGM Battery H7-AGM Group Size 94R 850 CCA53.7 lbs
AutoZoneDuralast Platinum AGM Battery H8-AGM Group Size 49 900 CCA60.8 lbs

Popular Car’s Battery Weight

Now let us take a look at a couple of well-known cars and their battery weights!

The average weights were found over a variety of vehicles from these brands, but every make, model, and year of a car can have a slightly different weight of the battery. Check the owner’s manual of your specific vehicle for more information about the car battery and its weight.

I found most of this information on this website.

Car NameBattery Weight
Tesla 1200 lbs
Honda Accord35 lbs
Ford Explorer 44.6 lbs
Subaru Impreza28.4 lbs
Tacoma*45.1 lbs
*Note: This weight is based on a recommended battery for this car.

As you can see, the Tesla has an extremely heavy battery compared to other models we’ve looked at so far. This is mainly because Tesla models are electric cars, so the battery is the main force that drives them.

It can support a much larger battery because there is more open space that would usually be occupied by a heavy engine.

As electric cars become more popular, you can expect to see the average car batteries become larger and heavier across the spectrum of the vehicle world.

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