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Does Autozone Take Used Oil?

Does Autozone Take Used Oil?

Oil is important for lubrication and cooling within the engine and related components.

And as a car owner, oil changes are part and parcel of the routine maintenance you must do for your car. 

Most of us usually do oil changes at the garage or dealership, but what about those DIY enthusiasts that prefer to do it at home?

Where do you dispose of the oil? If you generally change your oil at home, you might want to know whether AutoZone takes used oil. 

Most AutoZone locations do take and recycle used motor oil. All you have to do is keep it in a container, take it to any AutoZone store, and hand it over at the counter. They will take care of the rest.

They’ll happily take your used motor oil and recycle it for free. 

Why Does AutoZone Take and Recycle Used Motor Oil?

Why does AutoZone take used oil for free?

This is because it’s a matter of environmental conservation in order to save the drainage systems from the devastating effects of used motor oils and other petroleum products. 

But what do they do with it? Why shouldn’t they let it be transported to a landfill or a waste facility?

According to the company, used oil is an important resource we can reuse for other tasks rather than being disposed of.

And as part of the recycling partnership with other major auto parts retailers across North America, AutoZone is obliged to honor its word and recycle its oil, batteries, and filter products for reuse. 

The first recycling program is that AutoZone takes or sells the used motor oil to an oil processing plant.

The plant will then burn the oils to generate fuel for other uses, such as industrial fuel for delivery trucks and ocean-going ships. 

Also, oil is pretty sticky and will instantly tarnish any surface it comes into contact with.

If you pour it down your water drainage system, you’ll effectively endanger most organisms that use the water for their daily lives.

It’s especially the case in open garages whereby mechanics pour oil on the ground. 

The oil will inadvertently find its way to a water body such as a lake, ocean, or river hence killing some plants that call it home.

On top of all this, it is also illegal to dispose of used motor oil incorrectly, and you might face serious repercussions if found to have done so.

Checking motor oil

How Do I Take Used Motor Oil to AutoZone?

Here’s how to collect and transport used motor oil to AutoZone. 

  • Collect the used motor oil

It’s crucial that you collect all or most of the used motor oil and put it in a container. To begin with, lay down a plastic sheet or a tarp to trap any runaway oils.

Secondly, position a container underneath your work area and directly below your engine to collect all the draining oil.

For this step, your best pick will be using a drip pan equipped with a spout. 

  • Empty the oil filter

The next step involves punching a hole in your filter’s dome and allowing the oil to drip thoroughly into the drip pan.

When it has drained completely, seal the filter in a plastic bag, as it may continue dripping. 

  • Transfer the oil into a storage container

After completing the oil collection process, transfer the liquid into a storage and transportation container. And, avoid using milk cartons or some random containers but preferably the one it came in.

The reason is that contaminated motor oil (one mixed with other fluids such as water, washer fluid, gasoline, etc.) isn’t recyclable.

  •  Store the used oil

If you can’t take the used oil to an AutoZone store or any other recycling facility near you, store it. Proper storage is important, and you must keep it in a cool, dry place away from children. 

Then, all you have to do is deliver the used oil to an AutoZone store near you.

How Much Used Motor Oil Does AutoZone Take?

The amount of used motor oil that AutoZone accepts is set by the federal or state governments or even local jurisdictions. 

Moreover, some agencies study the amount of recycled oil against available storage facilities or recycling capacities and set the amount one can bring in a day. 

Currently, the limit is set at 5 gallons plus 2 used oil filters per person per day, and 25 gallons each year. So, if you have 10 gallons of used motor oil, it will take you two days to clear at an AutoZone store.  

On the other hand, there are exceptions for commercial vehicles that require oil changes more often than personal non-commercial ones.

If you fall here, consult your local AutoZone store for further directions. 

Does AutoZone Take Used Transmission Fluid?

For now, it isn’t clear whether AutoZone takes and recycles used transmission fluid.

Some people say that the company does take it, while others, such as California’s AutoZone branch, claim that they don’t. 

So, you may have to contact your local store for further directions on whether or not they will take used transmission fluid.

And remember, AutoZone takes pure uncontaminated used oils only.  

What About Used Hydraulic or Cooking Oil?

AutoZone does not and never recycles any other form of used oils such as hydraulic and cooking oils.

Additionally, the two are considered impurities, and you should never mix them with old used motor oil. 

If you want to recycle them, consider contacting your local recycling centers or city authorities for your next move. 

The Takeaway of If AutoZone Takes Used Oil

Improper disposal of used motor oils is very dangerous to the environment, and we should appreciate AutoZone’s free oil recycling program. 

And as they do their part, so should you. Collect all used oils, keep them in good storage containers, take them to your nearby AutoZone store.

It doesn’t cost anything, and you’re also taking positive steps towards environmental sustainability.  

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