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Why Do SUVs Have Spoilers?

Why Do SUVs Have Spoilers?

When looking at an SUV, you have probably noticed that they all seem to have a small spoiler on the back of the vehicle. This is something that you don’t see on the average sedan or compact car, so you might be wondering why this is added? 

A spoiler on the back of an SUV might seem unnecessary, but the truth is that this provides aerodynamics for the car that it wouldn’t have otherwise. This makes it an important part of the vehicle, but many people want to know why this is. 

SUVs have a rear spoiler because it enhances the vehicle’s aerodynamic profile. This results in less drag, and therefore better fuel mileage. Without this spoiler, the SUV shape would cause more wind resistance and cause you to lose out on gas efficiency.

This seems like a fairly simple answer, but there is a lot to this subject. So, we will discuss the difference that a spoiler makes and why they are not always included in other vehicles.

What is a Spoiler on an SUV?

The spoiler on an SUV is located on the rear of the vehicle, typically on the end of the roof. The spoiler looks like an inverted airplane wing and has a slight sloping shape that makes the box-like shape of the back of the SUV more curved. 

The spoiler on an SUV is made to provide less wind resistance and drag when on the road, so it provides a better airflow across the back of the car as you drive. This not only decreases resistance and drag but also improves your gas mileage as well.

If your SUV does not have a spoiler, maybe from being in an accident, then you can have one installed aftermarket to enable your car to get the benefits of having a spoiler. 

Why is it Called a Spoiler?

The word spoiled might come to mind when you hear the term spoiler, which could make you wonder why this piece is called a spoiler in the first place. It seems to come with negative connotations, but a spoiler actually comes with many benefits. 

So, why is it called a spoiler

Well, the reason that a spoiler is called a spoiler is that this piece of the car “spoils” the negative effects of drag and resistance on the vehicle and provides better aerodynamics and improves gas mileage.

The name lends itself to the fact that this part does a lot for the vehicle and helps to combat negative effects that airflow and movement could have on the SUV. 

Do Spoilers Improve Gas Mileage?

If you are looking for a way to improve gas mileage on an SUV, then having a spoiler is one way to do that. Because the spoiler helps get rid of wind resistance and drag, this can actually help make your car more fuel-efficient. 

This, in turn, will give you better gas mileage on the road and allow you to spend less at the pump. With a spoiler that allows you to move smoother on the road, you can lower the rate of gas that you use to make it to your destination. 

This will allow you to get better gas mileage, especially over time, and save you money on fuel since one fill-up will last you a bit longer before you have to fill-up again. 

Do Spoilers Make Your Car Go Faster? 

Now, this question is a bit more complicated to answer. This is because there is a correlation between having a spoiler and being able to go faster, but the spoiler is not necessarily the cause. 

This might be a bit confusing to start, but although the spoiler has nothing to do with the engine, it does have a bit of effect on the speed of the vehicle. However, there is a difference between allowing the engine to do its job better, and doing the job of the engine. 

A spoiler does not necessarily make your car go faster itself, but it helps give the engine less resistance and drag on the road so that it can work without issue and push the car to go at a faster speed.

It also helps the vehicle to be made from a lighter material that doesn’t make the engine have to work harder to make it run.

So, though it does not necessarily make the vehicle accelerate faster, it does have some effect on the speeds by allowing the car to go faster with less resistance and drag overall. 

Other Benefits of Spoilers 

There are many benefits of having a spoiler that we have covered so far.

With the ability to create a more aerodynamic design, get better fuel-efficiency, and make the SUV able to go faster, it would seem that there are no other benefits. 

However, there are other benefits that make having a spoiler a great idea for SUV owners, and car drivers as well. 


Besides the benefits that we have already covered, having a spoiler will also give more visibility to other drivers when you are on the road. 

This can help you when you are driving at night, especially when other drivers are not using their lights as they should. Even with lower lighting, the spoiler can make your SUV look taller, which makes it easy to see. 

This can help prevent accidents and make sure that others on the road can clearly see you even at times when the light is low, or it is foggy or extremely cloudy outside.

This can also be a plus when inclement weather strikes and pouring rain makes it harder to see the road and other cars. 

Unique Design 

Not all of the benefits of a spoiler need to be something that has to do with safety or performance. Having a spoiler also makes your SUV look sportier and sleeker. 

This design is something that many people like, even though it has nothing to do with the performance of the vehicle. This is one of the reasons why some owners of smaller cars that don’t need a spoiler choose to install one anyway. 

The added spoiler gives a race car style to any vehicle that helps give it a sporty look that many drivers like. Although this is simply a cosmetic issue, this is a major reason that many people like spoilers. 

The look and style of a spoiler for an SUV, which is typically boxy, can also give the rear a more curved and rounded style. 

Spoiler Materials 

The most common material that spoilers are made from is ABS plastic, which often comes mixed with fillers to make it stiffer and more weighted.

This is a common material that you will find on many cars and SUVs because it takes less effort to make and doesn’t cost a lot to manufacture. 

There are also many options that are made from fiberglass material and are set with epoxy. This keeps it strong and durable and allows it to last much longer. 

However, this material is not as common to see because it takes a longer amount of time to make a spoiler from this material, which makes it difficult to mass-produce it.

Another material that is considered to be a high-end option is carbon fiber spoilers. Carbon fiber material is lightweight and has a unique style and design. 

However, much like the fiberglass, it is hard to produce in a large amount. This is because the material is more expensive than other options since it requires a larger amount of labor to produce a spoiler. 

There is also silicon material that can be found for spoilers because it can handle high heat in areas that have hot summers, and it is durable. This one is not as common as the ABS plastic, but can be found fairly easily due to the wide availability. 

Final Thoughts 

Having a spoiler on an SUV might seem like an addition that was purely cosmetic, but there are many reasons why a spoiler can provide benefits for your car. From helping you spend a little less money on gas to providing better aerodynamics for the vehicle, you can help your car’s performance in multiple ways. 

Whether you have a car and were just curious as to why an SUV came with a spoiler and your car didn’t or you own an SUV and wanted to know why this piece was added, you have the information about why a spoiler was added and what benefits you get from having it. 

So, if you have an SUV and were wondering why you have a spoiler, you now know how much you are truly getting from having one, and why you will want to keep it. 

As a part of your car that brings you better gas mileage and even helps to increase the speed of your vehicle as well as the visibility in hard to see areas, you can make use of all these benefits and ensure that you get as much out of your spoiler as possible. 

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