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Is a Charger a Sports Car?

Is a Charger a Sports Car?

A Charger is a sporty vehicle that looks great zooming down the street. It can work as a status symbol and a way to start a conversation with people who also love the look of the vehicle. 

Well, do you know if a Charger is considered a sports car?

A Dodge Charger is classified as a sports car due to its horsepower and number of engine cylinders. This classification surprises some because many classic sports cars have two doors instead of four.

You might be thinking that there is no reason that a Charger should be considered a sports car, but there are multiple ways that insurance companies make their determination. We will cover all the reasons why this car is considered a sports car and how this affects your monthly payments.

What Classifies a Charger as a Sports Car? 

Although you now know that a Charger is considered a sports car, you should know why this is.

There are a few basic things that will classify a vehicle as a sports car and it comes down to the number of cylinders, total horsepower, weight and height of the vehicle, as well as the make and model of the vehicle. 

A Dodge Charger comes with a V8 engine, which means that it has eight cylinders. Most sedans come with only 4 cylinders, so this affects the insurance costs. 

The Charger model also has over 290 horsepower, which qualifies it as a sports car because of its high power.

The weight of the car also makes a difference, and the weight of over 3,900 is another reason why it is not considered a regular vehicle!

The Sports Car Downside…

Although having a sports car like a Charger is a symbol of success and the car looks refined and luxurious, there is one major caveat to owning a sports car. That caveat is the fact that you will end up paying a lot more every month for your car insurance

This is something that can be combatted, but it is not something that can be completely avoided. So, if you aren’t willing to pay a higher monthly payment, then having a sports car might not be for you. 

However, if you have the money to buy the kind of high-end car that you want, then you might feel like it is justified to pay that amount to insure your car. In the end, you don’t want to end up in a bad situation if you get into an accident and have to pay for repairs. 

The issue is that many people will buy the car first before realizing how much they will be paying for their insurance each month. This can take you by surprise if the amount is even higher than you thought it would be.

So, if you are thinking about getting a Charger, it is worth the time to look up the average price of insurance rates for this type of car so that you are not blindsided after the fact. 

Why Sports Cars Have Higher Insurance Rates 

Different types of cars have various premiums for the cost of insurance, and the number could be quite a bit more for those who choose to drive a sports car. But, why do sports cars cost so much more when it comes to insurance? 

Well, it has been proven many times that sports car drivers tend to drive faster and more recklessly than other drivers. With the increased horsepower and number of cylinders that these types of cars come with, it is understandable that the owner would test how well the engine can run. 

However, because of this, sports car owners are often found speeding and zipping through traffic at a higher rate. This makes sense because they have a powerful vehicle that they want to use it fully.

The downside of having such a powerful engine is that you will likely be tempted to test its strength for yourself. This could lead to you getting a ticket two overtime…

This is one of the main reasons why insurance rates are much higher for sports cars than others. You wouldn’t see a small sedan doing what a sports car can do, so the rates are lower for that kind of vehicle.

Another reason why sports cars have more expensive insurance is the fact that they are at a higher risk of getting stolen. Because of the sporty exterior and the high engine power, criminals are more likely to steal this type of vehicle than a sedan or small used car. 

The cost of insurance is also higher because of the fact that when a part fails on a sports car, it costs more money to replace or repair it. Expensive parts mean that the insurance needs to raise the price so that the cost of the parts is covered. 

This ends up being a higher monthly payment for you!

black dodge charger

Does Being a Safe Driver Help? 

When you drive a sports car, you need to get used to having a higher insurance cost. This is just something that you will have to live with. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay that high of a cost forever. In fact, if you continue to be a safe driver while driving a sports car, you can lower your cost over time. 

Though the policy will not be lowered enough to match that of a regular vehicle, you can get it lowered if you stick to safe driving practices and make sure that you do not spend. It might be tempting to see how much power and speed your Charger can have, but this could end up costing you if you get pulled over.

Also, sports cars are more likely to get pulled over by a police officer because they are trained to watch more closely to that type of vehicle. Because of the statistics on sports car owners driving faster than the average speed limit, cops tend to notice and pay closer attention to sports cars on the road. 

If they see you slip up and made a bad move, or pass the speed limit, then you will get pulled over. You could end up with a massive ticket, and a higher insurance rate if this continues. 

What Can You Do?

Well, although you will likely make mistakes on the road like other drivers, if you don’t want to pay a high cost then you will need to practice safe driving at all times. Sticking to the speed limit and avoiding cutting through traffic on the freeway will keep you safe from getting a ticket.

Also, you will also do better to have a car that is not as bright in color. Red sports cars and bright royal blue cars are often pulled over more because they are eye-catching and highly noticeable.

This makes them an easy target for cops to track down, but if you have a more neutral color paint job, this can actually help you avoid getting tickets and making your insurance rates increase. 

You also want to follow all rules of the road, like proper signaling before switching lanes and keeping enough space between your car and the vehicle ahead of you. If you don’t take these precautions, you will find yourselves in situations with cops more than you ever thought you would have to deal with. 

However, you also don’t want to overdo it and begin driving too slow. Staying under the speed limit, especially when you notice a police car nearby will not always work out well for you either. If you are trying to overcompensate, a police officer will still give you a ticket. 

This is something that happens to owners of sports cars, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. So, take it easy, follow the rules, and don’t try to overcompensate to make yourself look like a safe driver. Just follow the rules of the road and you will be better off. 

Conclusion: Is a Charger a Sports Car

Many car owners would love to have a Charger, but not everyone knows that it can be considered a sports car, and because of that, the insurance rates are much higher.

Many consumers don’t want to pay any more than they have to, and needing to pay a higher car payment and insurance premium can be too much for many people’s budgets.

However, now that you know that a Charger is considered a sports car, you know the caveats that come with it and can the decision for yourself of whether or not you would want to purchase and drive a car like that and deal with the higher overall costs.

If you don’t mind, then you will know what you are getting into ahead of time so you are not surprised later on. But, if you think that the cost is too high, then maybe a Charger isn’t for you. 

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