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Do K&N Filters Increase Gas Mileage?

Do K&N Filters Increase Gas Mileage?

Did you know your car engine requires more than just gas to run? Copious amounts of air are also required. For example, have you ever driven at higher altitudes? If so, you may have noticed it seems like your car is “gasping” for a breath.

Something else you may not realize is that the interior of your engine is delicate, and your vehicle requires clean air to run correctly and efficiently. This is where quality air filters come in.

Yes, K&N air filters can increase your gas mileage. High-flow air filters feed clean air to your engine, helping it burn fuel more efficiently, which enables you to save money at the pump.

Does that sound a bit too good to be true? After all, with gas prices higher than ever, can a simple filter really help you save money? These are good questions, and you can find the answers below.

Why Is the Air Filter So Important?

Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked parts of your vehicle during maintenance and tune-ups is the air filter. If you want to ensure your car continues performing efficiently, the filter matters.

It’s essential to change your filter annually, even if it doesn’t look dirty. If the filter is clogged, your vehicle is essentially suffocating. It’s like a vacuum because you will notice a reduction in power due to a dirty filter.

That’s because the air is being pushed through the filter, which requires much more power when it is dirty!

Investing in a new, high-flow air filter can ensure air flows freely and that your vehicle’s power goes to where it is needed – running your car.

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K&N Air Filters vs. Stock Air Filters

If you are like most people, you want more from your vehicle!

Chances are, if you heard of a way to increase and improve performance by changing one part, you would do it. This is part of the reason K&N air filters have become so popular.

As mentioned above, the rate of airflow impacts your engine’s performance.

K&N filters surpass the stock filter paper design, offering a more porous entry point for the air. They also used an oil-based foam material that is much more porous.

While this increase in porosity can let more dirt and impurities in the engine, most agree it is worth the fuel savings and performance boost.

Will a High Flow Air Filter Increase Gas Mileage?

Installing a high-flow air filter offers several benefits.

It doesn’t have to be changed annually. Instead, you just need to clean it every two years!

That’s because the design of the filters helps them avoid becoming clogged as easily or quickly, which ensures improved filtration and airflow going to your engine.

When your engine gets more clean, fresh air, it performs better. K&N high flow air filters can help increase your vehicle’s horsepower by three to five HP. It also helps increase your torque.

A byproduct of this increased efficiency is increased fuel efficiency and gas mileage.

When you purchase a high-flow air filter that includes a cold air intake unit, it will pull air from the outside of your vehicle rather than the hot air used in the engine bay. Cold air is denser, which means it burns better, improving engine performance.

Best Air Filter for Fuel Economy

There are a few reasons the K&N high flow air filter is best for fuel economy. It features the cold air intake unit, which feeds cool air to your engine chambers, allowing for the more efficient combustion of fuel.

When fuel is burned more efficiently, you will get more miles per gallon, which results in increased fuel efficiency, and fuel savings.

Each filter is also guaranteed for 1 million miles. While it does require cleaning (and you can purchase the wash/recharge kit separately for this), the K&N air filter should be the only one you ever have to buy for your vehicle.

Even better, K&N has proven that the filters increase one to four horsepower for most vehicles. Who doesn’t want more power?

Is the K&N High Flow Air Filter Right for Your Vehicle?

As with most upgrades you make to your vehicle, this decision is one you need to consider carefully.

The K&N air filter provides several benefits, including better fuel efficiency, reduced fuel costs, and increased performance.

However, there is the possibility that dirt and debris may reach your engine. Overall, the air filter does what it promises, which makes it a wise investment, according to many drivers.

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