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Can Guys Drive Crossovers: A Modern Man’s Dilemma!

Can Guys Drive Crossovers: A Modern Man’s Dilemma!

When SUVs first came out, they were large vehicles that could fit lots of passengers and cargo. However, that has been changing lately with the introduction of the crossover. 

Crossovers have a reputation for being a sleek option but are typically seen as being driven by women. So, if you’ve been thinking of getting one, you might be wondering if guys can drive crossovers too.

Although they may have a legacy reputation for being a more feminine vehicle, there is no reason that a man cannot drive a crossover. Crossovers are well-built vehicles that are designed for the needs of both men and women alike.

If you want to know more about what makes crossovers unisex, and why a guy can drive them too, then this article will have all the information you have been looking for. 

What is a Crossover?

A crossover, also sometimes known as a “CUV”, is a slightly smaller option for those who don’t want a larger SUV. The interior of the vehicle is made for comfort and the engines are made to get better gas mileage than large SUVs.

While a crossover also has less off-roading capabilities than an average SUV, this trade-off comes with having better gas mileage!

This is an ideal option for families who spend a good amount of time driving kids to school events and practices, and also for those who need more cargo space without having to drive a large vehicle. 

Are Crossovers for Women? 

Although cars are not gendered, they often gain reputations from the people who like to purchase and drive the car the most. Because of this, options like crossovers which women tend to gravitate to, become known for being a woman’s car. 

So, is this really true? Or, are crossovers just as acceptable for guys to drive to? 

Well, the fact that women are often the ones taking children to and from their many activities is the main reason for them driving these vehicles. They offer good gas mileage that saves money in the long run and has enough space for the kids and their equipment.

Though women tend to drive these more often, it seems that it is simply because of convenience for the family and the fact that they are often the principal caretaker. 

This doesn’t mean that crossovers were designed specifically for women, and the design of the vehicle shows that. Vehicles are not gender-specific, but there are some cars that have a more feminine style that is designed with women’s tastes in mind.

Smaller, cuter vehicles like the Volkswagen Beetle is one that comes to mind. However, this doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t drive the vehicle. There is no reason that a man should feel like he can’t drive a certain car because women do. 

There are a few other reasons why this type of vehicle is considered a feminine option. 

#1 Size Difference 

One of the main differences between a crossover and an SUV is the size of the vehicle. SUVs tend to have much larger frames that don’t get a high fuel efficiency. Crossovers are smaller and made to be slightly more lightweight to get good gas mileage. 

The size of the crossovers also makes them a bit easier to drive. For those who drive around a lot, a large SUV can get tiring. A crossover is easier to handle and won’t feel like as big of a job to drive around often. 

Men tend to gravitate to larger vehicles, which is why men often see smaller cars as options that females drive. There is some truth to that since women are not as focused on the look and size of the car, but rather the ease of driving it and the fuel efficiency.

But just because crossovers are smaller than SUVs doesn’t mean that men should not drive them!

In fact, for men that have families of their own, crossovers can save money and give fathers enough room for their family and their things whenever they take a trip. 

#2 Style and Shape 

SUVs are known for their large size and their boxy shape, which looks a bit like a large truck. This simple geometry is one of the reasons that many men find them appealing.

That cannot be said of the crossovers because they are shaped to be more aerodynamic. They often come with a sportier shape that is leaner and more curved.

The curved nature of the vehicle is typically seen as a feminine style that men might feel less comfortable owning.

This also makes it a bit smaller in some areas where an SUV would have a lot of space, so the trunk does not come with the same amount of space. 

Driving a Crossover 

Many people that own and drive a crossover have noticed that it doesn’t have the same engine as an SUV. The power that comes from the large SUV engine is toned down in a crossover. 

This makes it a vehicle that has slightly less power. Not everyone will like this feature, and if power is something that you are looking for, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Also, because these crossovers are smaller than SUVs, the experience when driving them is a bit different. You may feel like these cars are a bit easier to drive because they are not as long, which can make turning and parallel parking harder.  

This can be a major plus for some drivers, but not everyone will feel as comfortable in this vehicle. If you are used to driving an SUV, then you might not love the fact that you don’t have as big of a vehicle. This can make you feel a bit closed in or suffocated when in the vehicle. 

Although crossovers still have lots of room in the interior, this is something that you will want to take into account when thinking about buying and driving one of these crossovers. 

Why It Matters 

Men and women have similarities and differences, but there are many things that are not determined by your gender. Driving a specific car is one of them.

If you feel comfortable driving a large SUV, then it shouldn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. The same goes for smaller vehicles like a crossover.

If you like the way it feels to drive a crossover, then why does it matter? 

Well, the issue is comfort. Whatever you feel more comfortable in is what car you should choose to drive. There are many benefits to driving a crossover vehicle and there are reasons why you might not love driving a large SUV. 

It shouldn’t matter what others think about your choice, because it is yours to make. If you like the cargo space and seating that a crossover provides, and you like the better fuel efficiency that you get, then you shouldn’t think that you can’t drive it because you are a guy. 

Whatever vehicle you feel more comfortable in should be your top choice. No matter what anyone else says about it. 

However, this can be difficult when men often feel the pressure to be looked at as a masculine and tough guy at all times. This can make you feel like you have to put on a persona to be able to gain respect from your male peers. 

If you feel that much pressure, you might think that following what others say will make things much easier. Well, that may be true, and although it can be difficult, you should not let others’ opinions sway your own.

If you like a certain type of car, purchase it. There is no reason why you shouldn’t. 

Final Thoughts 

Men face a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way, and this even affects what men feel comfortable driving when on the road. This is why most men refuse to get into a small vehicle like a VW Bug or Mini Cooper. 

This might make some men feel like they have to drive a larger vehicle than a crossover and that these cars are made for women. However, that is not true, and there are many men that drive a crossover today. 

These cars are a great option for big families and those who have to drive around a lot. With the great fuel efficiency and small size, there are several benefits that make this car a good choice for many people. 

But men might still feel that they can’t drive a crossover because they look more feminine than larger SUVs. Well, do you want to sacrifice your money and gas mileage just because other people think you should? No way! 

If you like the look and style of this vehicle, and love that you will get much better gas mileage than a regular SUV, then nothing should stop you from being able to drive the car you like. 

Whether you are a man or woman, you get to choose what car you want to drive on the road. If you like the idea of getting a crossover for you and your family, or just yourself, you should do it. 

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