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Best Quick Release Steering Wheel

Best Quick Release Steering Wheel

Car security is becoming increasingly important and a lot of people are concerned that having an alarm system doesn’t prevent intruders from taking off with their cherished vehicle.

Whether you have reinforced windows or fingerprint recognition in the ignition, sometimes even having the highest security doesn’t give you that peace of mind.

That’s why a quick-release steering wheel is a perfect device!

This detachable hub means you can remove your wheel very quickly and safely, allowing you to drive as hard and fast as you like without having to worry about it becoming loose or detaching itself.

If you don’t have the time to set up numerous car alarms and locking mechanisms, a removable steering wheel is also a fast and efficient method of removing the wheel, taking it with you to the office or place of work knowing that nobody will be taking off with your car.

These removable wheels are also very heavy duty, made from sturdy materials that can withstand a lot of high impacts and weather damage. They are also very compact and can be easily stored in your work or gym locker.

But where can you find the best quick-release steering wheels?

What features and materials do the best steering wheels need to be made out of to give you the best in security for you and your car?

How much can you be expected to pay for a detachable steering wheel?

Well, vehicle-owners, you won’t have to worry about getting your car stolen, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best quick-release steering wheels currently available on the market!

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you determine the very best steering wheels, as well as some frequently asked questions.

Best Quick Release Steering Wheel

1. 6 Hole Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

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Our first steering wheel is one that is manufactured by a very reputable brand, coming with plenty of high ratings on Amazon, with users boasting about its build quality and the ease at which you can install it.

It has 6 long screws that will attach to the hub to the dash, with a push-pin feature that stops the wheel from unlocking prematurely – introducing the 6 Hole Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub Adapter.

The body of this steering wheel is made from solid aluminum, which will give you optimum control when you’re out on the road.

The wheel becoming detached during driving will be one of the more pressing concerns when it comes to using a wheel of this type, although the push-pin safety feature has been built to industry standards.

The simple 6-pin screw system is easy for installation, with a bolt-on hub that will enable quick release and attach.

The ball lock mechanism also makes for quick attachment and, most importantly, once it is secured, it will stay secure.


  • This is a durable wheel, it can bear all the natural pressures that a steering wheel might encounter, which will be important for a wheel of this kind.
  • This wheel won’t detach itself – once you have bolted it onto your dash and slid the 6-pin safety mechanism into place, then it will hold as fast as a regular steering wheel.
  • This wheel comes with a simple-to-understand kit and instruction that makes the set up very easy.
  • The aluminum body is strong and resistant to moisture damage and rust, which may be important if you want to store your detached wheel in an outside location.


  • Some users have complained that the 3 short bolts don’t come with any tool to tighten them.

No products found.

2. NRG Innovations SRK-400RG Rose Gold Thin Quick Release

NRG Innovations SRK-400RG Rose Gold Thin Quick Release

Our next steering wheel is one that comes with a stainless steel body that will allow you to withstand all the shocks and stresses that come from their operation.

This will certainly appeal to fast drivers who need to exit their vehicle quickly and have the assurance that your car will not be driven by anyone other than you – introducing the NRG Innovations SRK-400RG Rose Gold Thin Quick Release.

This brand has a few distinctive features that a lot of other detachable steering wheels simply do not have, such as the dual spring self-indexing quick-release mechanism.

It also has a patented short hub that makes for speedy detachment and reattachment, maintaining dimensions that are close-to-stock.

The premium quality of the material results in a highly durable model that is very shock absorbent.

This is the perfect wheel for using across long distances of varying terrain, the vibrations from the suspension of your car certainly won’t affect the integrity of your wheel


  • When it comes to durability, this one is certainly one of the best, with a stainless steel body that can withstand a lot of high impacts and shocks over a prolonged period.
  • The quick-release hub makes it a great option for those who need to exit their vehicle quickly and take their wheel with them.
  • The patented security features really mark this one out from other brands, giving you a very sturdy ride that 100% won’t detach while you’re driving.
  • This wheel is better for use in sports cars or rally drivers who want that added control over their vehicle, but still want that upper level of security when leaving the car unattended.


  • Some users have complained that the build quality of this wheel is not up to the standard of other leading brands.

3. Universal Racing Car Steering Wheel Quick Release Adapter

Steering Wheel Hub Adapter, Universal Racing Car Steering Wheel Quick Release Adapter Hub Boss Kit with Button Ball

Our next detachable steering wheel is another that is manufactured from stainless steel, having undergone rigorous safety testing before it hits the high street.

It is very easy to install, coming in an aluminum alloy construction that is compatible with most brands of car – introducing the Universal Racing Car Steering Wheel Quick Release Adapter.

The components on this steering wheel are extremely high quality and can be interlocked easily for quick assembly and disassembly.

Each part of this steering wheel is rigorously tested so they conform to national safety standards. You can guarantee that this wheel will stay solid even during a long drive.

This machine will certainly be able to deal with the increased pressure placed on it by hard driving, especially in the realm of sports car racing.

Hard and fast turns are common in this style of a motor vehicle, so you’ll want a steering wheel that stays locked to the hub even in the most extreme circumstances.


  • Durability – this steering wheel is probably the best on this list in terms of resilience, capable of lasting for years on end. The stainless steel hub has a universal adapter, so it will accommodate most steering wheels.
  • This is designed to be used in sports racing, for those who want to quickly exit their vehicle without worrying too much about security.
  • These components are strictly tested so that they meet safety standards, so you won’t have to think twice before buying this model for your family vehicle.
  • It is very versatile, the hob unit can be adapted to most professional standards of steering wheel.


  • The design – this is adapted for high-speed motor racing, so it might not be applicable to the features of your average family car.

4. QuickCar Racing Products 68-015 Release Style Steering Wheel Disconnect

QuickCar Racing Products 68-015 Release Style Steering Wheel Disconnect

This next steering wheel hub is one of the lighter models, which will definitely be appealing if you are planning on carrying it from your vehicle to your workplace and back again multiple times throughout the day.

You can replace your tired old steering wheel with this brand new one for greater control and comfort for your steering – introducing QuickCar Racing Products 68-015 Release Style Wheel Disconnect.

This unit is very durable and easy to lash together, with just a few nuts and bolts and a solid steel hub that you can quickly bolt to the dash of your car with very little DIY knowledge or tools.

The lightweight composition will make sure you have very limited storage space.

The kit is very easy to assemble, with only 3 nuts and bolts that you need to fix it to your dash. You can graft this hub to most vehicles with just a wrench to tighten the bolts.

The stainless steel quality of this steering wheel will shield your car from rust and other forms of corrosion.


  • Easy to install – this steering wheel is perfect for anyone who has minimal knowledge of car mechanics yet still wants the top-level security that a detachable wheel gives.
  • Longevity – this durable steering wheel will last you for years if maintained correctly.
  • The style of this quick release steering wheel is very fetching and will complement the interior of most cars.
  • Like a lot of the other quick release steering wheels on this list, this can be removed super fast, giving you that additional peace of mind when leaving your car unattended, especially in a rough neighborhood.


  • The price – with a premium level of quality comes a higher price. This might not appeal to someone who wants to boost the security of their family vehicle.

5. Universal 6 Hole Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub Adapter

Steering Wheel Hub Adapater,Universal 6 Hole Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub Adapter Snap Off Boss Kit

Our final Hub Adapter comes with a billet aluminum body that has a decent bearing capacity, meaning that it can take the very high-pressured steering that you’ll often find with sports driving.

If your car is experiencing an emergency, then this steering wheel can be safely detached in under a few seconds – introducing the Universal 6 Hole Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub Adapter.

The billet aluminum construction of this steering wheel makes it a great option for heavy-duty driving such as you might find on the sports racing track.

This wheel has a ball lock feature that will keep it secure when it is being used. This will be very important for ensuring a confident and reliable ride.

The 6 hole kit is easy to install and simple to use, you can remove it quickly during an emergency, which will be crucial when you might only have half a minute to exit your vehicle.


  • This hub adapter is very flexible and can be used on the dashboard of most cars, with a very easy to install kit.
  • The compactness of this unit makes it ideal for setting up, it is the perfect model for car drivers who might not have the best knowledge of car mechanics.
  • The bearing capacity is great for hard drivers, making easy work of the sharp and hard turns.
  • The easy ball lock safety mechanism will keep the wheel secured to the dash, especially during driving, where the last thing you want is for it to come loose.


  • The price – as with our last model, with high-quality materials and design comes an increased price. This might not appeal to the more casual car driver who does not want to break the bank.

Buyer’s Guide Questions

When it comes to buying a detachable steering wheel, you’ll definitely want to consider the level and intensity of driving that you’re planning on doing.

These particular steering wheels are traditionally built for hard and sharp turns, as well as a larger bearing capacity than your conventional steering wheel.

However, there are some basic functions that every quick-release steering wheel should have. Here are just a few of them.

What Material Is It Your Wheel Made Out Of?

There are many things that your steering wheel should be resistant to, one of them is intense heat, which often becomes trapped in your vehicle.

Most of the wheels listed above are made from stainless steel, which makes them resistant to things like rust, which will be important when storing your wheel in an outdoor location.

The more durable the wheel, the more control you’ll be able to have over your vehicle over an increased period.

Often steering wheels will lose their responsiveness over time and you’ll need something that can take those hard corners for many years.

How Responsive Is Your Wheel?

Your steering wheel should ideally be very responsive to your commands, especially if you’re planning on negotiating difficult turns or want to nudge your car in a specific direction.

Smooth steering will be important for instilling confidence in not just yourself, but in any passengers that you happen to have with you.

Steering responsiveness is probably the most important thing you’ll want to keep you safe throughout your journey.

Your steering wheel should have springs that give you an almost instant response.

How Many Safety Features Does Your Wheel Have?

One of the most central features of your quick-release steering wheel will be the safety functions.

You’ll want a wheel that detaches easily as well as one that keeps you safe and secure once you’re locked in.

Most of the wheels we have listed above have pin locking mechanisms that guarantee extra safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Quick Release Steering Wheel?

This quick-release steering wheel is usually a wheel and hub combination that you can attach to the dash of your existing car to form a two-piece unit that can be removed and attached without the need for additional tools.

Most quick-release steering wheel kits will come with some nuts and bolts, with very little need for extra tools to tighten them.

You can easily adjust the wheel direction of your detachable steering device without having to remove the thing entirely.

Why Should You Purchase A Quick Release Steering Wheel?

Removable steering wheels will simply make your driving a lot more smooth and secure. Without a steering wheel, the chances of anyone making off with your vehicle is practically zero.

A car without a wheel will also be a very effective deterrent for thieves, as they won’t be inclined to break into a car that cannot easily be driven away.

The steering wheel locking device will also be a much faster way to exit your vehicle.

Simply twist the locking mechanism to release the wheel and open your doors for a swift exit.

Where Can You Find The Best Quick Release Steering Wheel?

There are numerous quick-release steering wheels currently available on the market right now, so this article might only be the very beginning of your research.

However, there are a few details that you should definitely look for: responsiveness, security, good build quality, durable materials, and a reliable locking mechanism.

If you don’t have a decent enough quality of one of these, then you might have a steering wheel that will let you down on the highway – leading to disastrous consequences.

My Final Say

As we have seen, quick-release steering wheels are one of the best ways to make your car very safe and secure, as well as giving you the option of being able to exit your vehicle in super-fast time in case of an emergency.

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