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Are Cars Considered Technology?

Are Cars Considered Technology?

Throughout the course of human history, many advances have been made that help humans live better and more productive lives. Depending on who you ask, certain advancements may be considered technology and some may not. Let’s take vehicles, for example. Many of us use them every day to get to and from work, school, or while running errands.

But are cars considered technology?

Technically, a car does meet the definition of a form of technology. Even if you disagree that a car is a technology, there is no arguing the fact that they are full of technological advancements.

From the combustion or electric engine to the power steering and braking systems to computerized driving assistance programs, cars are packed full of different types of tech!

What Is Technology?

Used as a very broad umbrella term, technology can refer to a wide range of tools, machines, and other items which are used to solve real-world problems. These problems can be large or small and may apply to humans as a whole or only a small percentage of the population.

The Oxford dictionary defines technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes” and a car, among many other items and machines, meets that definition.

Some of the earliest basic technology in human history was the creation of simple tools, cooking utensils, and weaponry used for survival and protection. In more advanced times, our technology expanded to the creation of complex machines such as printing presses, automatic textile looms, and computers that changed a wide range of industries and how they worked. 

And as we move forward with our knowledge of how things work, creations such as the particle accelerator, international space station, and autonomous robots exploring distant planets are all forms of advanced technology.

When it comes right down to it, cars and other vehicles are forms of semi-advanced technology. They were created for the practical purpose of transportation at faster speeds for humans as a whole. 

Technology in cars is always changing and new advancements are made almost every year. It doesn’t have to be a large change to make a huge difference, in fact just a small tweak to an existing combustion engine can increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle making that form of technology more desirable and mainstream.

What Does Automotive Technology Mean?

The word technology can be directed more towards its unique area to let you know what it focuses on. For example, computer technology is related to things involving computers, medieval technology is limited to things created during the medieval era, industrial technology is focused on machinery and industrial production, etc. 

So what about automotive technology?

This term directly relates to automobiles as a whole and may include passenger vehicles, high-end sports cars, 18-wheelers, and more. Some of the same knowledge learned by individuals in the automotive technology field may also apply to watercraft, aircraft, and other vehicles but is not specifically considered automotive.

When someone works in the automotive technology field, their area of knowledge is normally related to things that make the vehicle run as opposed to the structural design of the chassis or other framing.

This can include the ignition system, fuel system, power trains, braking, power steering technology, electronic system, and more. It can also cover things like automatic windows, safety airbags, and interior comforts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Automotive Technology the same as Automotive Engineering?

No. Automotive technology refers to the tech found inside a vehicle such as the electrical system, power steering, and safety systems. Automotive engineering, on the other hand, focuses more on the structural design of a chassis or other support frame giving shape to the automobile.

Why is Technology Important in Cars?

Cars would not be as useful or safe as they are today without the wide range of technology included in their construction. Tire pressure sensors, safety and collision control systems, autonomous driving programs, cruise control, and emission testing are all forms of important technology in cars.


A car is a very common piece of technology many of us have daily access to. We might take it for granted as it is such a domestic piece of machinery, but the advancements cars and many other vehicles have experienced over the years is incredible.

From a wide range of safety systems such as collision sensors, auto-braking systems, instant-deployment of airbags, and more, to engines that can run on a variety of fuel options and still remain viable for the health of the environment. 

Over the past 100 years, technology has come from some humble beginnings and moved onto things that are much grander. In another 100 years, who knows where automotive technology will be!

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