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Toyota Tundra Towing (Complete Guide)

Having undergone a redesign, the new Toyota Tundra features lightweight body panels over high-strength steel frames for better towing. Additionally, the truck offers two engine options paired with Toyota’s Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission with intelligence (ECT-i).  As a result, the Tundra selects the most suitable gear ratio at any instance without your intervention. So how …

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BMW vs. Mercedes: Which Luxury Brand Is Better?

BMW and Mercedes are renowned globally for their fast, luxury vehicles that are an envy of many. And as of today, both brands have built a name for themselves and have ardent fans that defend and support them. Well, they’ve earned it. BMW and Mercedes are the epitome of German automobile engineering and have sophisticated …

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Do Teslas Have Sunroofs?

Tesla is currently one of the world’s most innovative automobile and sustainable energy developers. They invest massive funds in research and development to deliver premium quality electric vehicles that can last more than 500,000 miles.  Moreover, we’ve come to trust the company and believe everything they make lasts. Well, one prominent feature that seems to …

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