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Does AutoZone Change Headlights?

Most motorists underestimate the importance of having the proper headlights on their cars. As a result, the number of drivers having either dim or over bright headlights on our roads calls for concern. Additionally, some cars have broken headlights, and the owners have to replace them.  If you fall in this category, you may be …

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Do New Cars Have Gas Caps?

For decades, automobile fueling technology made little noticeable changes each year. Well, that was until Martinrea Industries, Inc. developed the capless fuel filler in 2008. And among the early adopters of the innovation was Ford Motor Company, who installed it on some 2008 – 2009 models such as the Flex, Escape, Expedition, F150, and the …

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Does AutoZone Install Batteries For Free?

Dubbed America’s #1 battery destination and home for battery solutions, AutoZone has lived to its reputation and continues serving American customers diligently. It’s especially so when you need vehicle services such as battery testing, charging, and recycling.  But do they offer battery services? Do they install batteries for free? AutoZone does install batteries for free, …

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